Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tell me a yarn...

Okay, apparently the pictures not loading is a Blogger issue.
But I was able to load them in one-by-one through html.
I've seen a bowl of yarn as a decorating item before and it never made much sense to me.
I mean, I'm not going to knit out of a bowl it's not too practical.
But I had my beautiful Mikasa bowl that was holding ornaments for Christmas and I didn't want to put it away so I had to find something else to put into it.
Ta da! My bowl of yarn.
The girls love it!
They pick out their favorite colors and stuffed animals take naps there.
Our only "incident" involved Shiloh's stuffed kitten being too rambunctious and then yarn balls were unraveling and rolling everywhere.
I knitted some fingerless gloves for myself.
One strand of gray, one strand of white and so warm!
While I mainly knit them so that I could have warm hands while buckling Vivian into her carseat and driving, I must say that I love wearing them just while I'm online.
My "mouse" hand gets cold sometimes!
 I was busy organizing the school stuff yesterday.
Half-way through the school year and things start getting messy and less organized.
Then this morning I made a chart of all of our US Presidents...all 44!
I've added lots of little interesting facts like which President was the first born in America, and which one had 15 children, and which one was the shortest and so on.
I think we'll try to research one per day and add more facts as we read about them.
I love popsicle sticks.
I'm always finding a use for them....like making a raft for the turtles.
It was a pain because I didn't want to glue it and have that be dangerous for the turtle, so I stuck to tying them together with tight threads.
But...the turtles do like it!
BTW: It will float but they prefer it to be more like a ramp.

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