Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The princesses' float

Our study of the Presidents is going very well. :)
It's not part of the girls' curriculum so I've been mostly using the Internet as a resource.
I found some great sites and Youtube also has informative cartoons for kids, Disney even made some!
The girls have really enjoyed them and usually ask to watch them a couple of times.
Vivian is doing better with her reading.
I had stopped her reading work and started her back at the beginning because she was struggling.
But this time around she is starting to understand the long sounds better.
She's not very eager to read yet but we're getting there.
She now loves to go through her word lists now and mark all the vowels.
She's over-zealous with her marks though, crossing out consonants and underlining random letters but we're working on it... ;-)
I have a dry-erase board on my fridge and I tend to jot down my shopping list there.
Well, Shiloh kept telling me of groceries that she didn't want me to forget to buy so I finally pulled the board down to her level. Now I have her write down what she wants and also I've been asking her to write down things for me.
It's been great for her to practice her spelling, and I don't hear "Mom, did make sure you wrote strawberries on the list?" several times a day! :)
After their bath tonight Vivian was dressing and saying "Hey, little sister. Hey, little sister."
Then she asked me "Mom, how does that song Hey, Little Sister go?"
"I'm not sure what song you're talking about?"
Shiloh piped up "She means Soul Sister."
Soul Sister by Train. lol.
Now I can't help but sing it Hey, Little Sister!
I took the girls shopping at Target today and we always end up with the ginormous kid cart.
One cashier was smiling at Shiloh and waved so Shiloh waved back and was smiling and giggling so then another random lady started waving at the girls.
By the time we were leaving the store, the girls were waving at everyone like they had just won a beauty pageant and the cart was their parade float. lol
No wonder they love Target. :)

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