Friday, January 11, 2013

This week...

This past week I was busy....
Teaching the three R's plus a whole lot more.
Making (and eating) Chocolate Peanut butter brownies. yum! Oddly enough the girls aren't really fans of it. They like their brownies just chocolate.
Cutting out Princess ornaments from our Advent Calender, and finding out the inside plastic was actually a princess chocolate mold. (so I'm saving that...for what, I'm not quite certain!).
Finding paper floating in the reservoir of our new coffee maker...apparently we missed removing some little manual. blah!
Stitching up a rip in a beloved Pillow Pet, and searching for lost stuffed kittens...and flamingos.
Loving listening to the girls sing in the bathtub, they went from Old McDonald to singing Taylor Swift songs, then on to The Farmer in the Dell. :)
Playing Barbies. :)
Knitting an ensembles for Vivian's Snow White doll, she keeps coming up with new garments that she wants but hopefully she's satisfied now because I want to knit gloves for myself now and
I think Snow White is pretty well taken care of.
New hat, scarf, poncho, and long socks...all made so that Vivian can hopefully dress her easily by herself.
Prince Charming better watch out. :)

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