Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sew overwhelming!

I really need to start sewing. The projects are piling up now.
I bought this heart pattern..
...and floral pattern for making curtains.
Then Vivian kept talking about how she wanted me to make her a dress with hearts all over it, so we went back to the store and I gathered around 5 or 6 different fabrics and let the girls choose what they liked.
Vivian chose a "conversation heart" pattern...
...while Shiloh chose this blue and purple fabric. She wants me to make a skirt from it.
So that's on top of having a half-naked Ken doll sitting on my counter top waiting to be outfitted and the bunch of old towels in my closet waiting to be made in to rugs.
Just need some time...and a good dose of motivation wouldn't hurt. ha!
I think I just accumulated so many projects that it's a little overwhelming right now, easier to do something else!
When I was shopping for the first batch of fabrics there were only two other people also shopping for fabric...both men.
One of the men was heavy-set and dressed in Carharts and a baseball cap who seemed pretty lost and ended up picking out lots of tulle.
But the oddest part (for me) was when I was having my fabrics cut, he took my bolts as soon as they were set down and asked for exactly the same amount of fabric from them as I had just had cut!
DH just thought he was probably buying fabric for his wife or something and didn't really know what he was shopping for.
Since I was the only woman there he decided that copying my choices was a safe bet?? :)

Friday, February 22, 2013


It's been one of those kinds of weeks.
An Oops week.
Like when I was holding a mug of water while I quickly leaned over to check a site online...which resulted in water accidentally splashing on the keyboard and causing it to go on the fritz for several days.
Hopefully it is all fixed now, as I am typing this on it at the moment.
It's taken several days though, letting it rest upside-down to try to drain any extra moisture and then having the number keys sticking while nothing else worked. Then nothing working.
I could have posted a lovely message of just 1's or 2's, that is if I could have gotten enough keys working to log on.
Anyways...lesson learned and I will be keeping my beverages far away from the laptop from now on!
It did spur me to clean up a bunch of junk off the computer.
I realized that I like save websites (Bookmarks/Favorites) but then I rarely remember to look at them again and if I want the site I just type it in or Google it.
I had quite an accumulation of sites marked, and several were dead links by now too!
I also knocked over a vase of Valentine's roses and soaked my carpet.
DH bought me a new bathrobe the other day. To replace my old one since the zipper was starting to come away from the material....not mention the fact that I once caught the sleeve on fire.
Well, that's a little dramatic. It just melted a bit in one spot when I reached over a candle for something.
Then yesterday, I went to put away some towels in a drawer and the whole front of the drawer came off in my hand.
I must have been a sight, bewildered and holding an armful of towels and handle of the drawer face.
Cheap plastic hardware, so we need to visit a Hardware store in the near future.
I actually ran out to our small local hardware store but they didn't have the parts I need so I'll have to try Lowe's or Home Depot.
Anyways...hopefully Oopsie week is almost over!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Ahoy Nemo!

The snowstorm "Nemo" rolled in yesterday/last night.
It didn't appear to be a huge accumulation but I guess the roads were quite treacherous.
Thankfully I didn't have anywhere to go, especially since the plow trucks were very busy with the main roads and didn't touch my street til the wee morning hours.
The girls have been wanting to make a snowman but this snow storm was a disappointment on that count.
Dry powder isn't good for snowmen or fort-making, or even terribly great for sledding either. You just end up with a faceful of snow powder.
They still had fun though!
Shiloh is so focused on playing that you have to keep checking to make sure her hat is still on, and if her gloves are tucked in or are full of snow...which they were and she just said "Oh they're fine, lets play!"
Vivian on the other hand, had me adjust her pants and gloves and hat many times.
We went out Walmart the other day, before the storm.
DH had filled up some gas tanks so he went to the restrooms to wash his hands and found them both closed.
Then Shiloh was urgent and I tried the family bathroom and that was shut down as well.
So I told DH that the whole water line must be down and we shopped pretty quickly.
 DH then complained to the cashier who said that the water main for the whole strip mall had broke but they had a couple of porta-potty's set up outside.
Yes, outside in blowing 20 degree weather.
This is an UN-Super Wal-mart.
I also think that a big store or a grocery store (of which a Super Walmart is both) should put a sign up advising people that there is no running water.
I mean, really when you think about it...ick!

Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's electrifying!

We had a busy day with lots of running around this week.
DH had a dentist appointment so I took the kids to run errands while we waited for him to get done.
Later we went out dinner and decided to set up the treadmill when we got back home.
We folded it up in September or October and haven't set it up since then.
I've had it stored in the corner of the playroom but I decided that the girls could use more room in there and it would be easier for me to watch television while I walk, if I moved the treadmill into the living room.
So we pulled it out and set it up.
I was dusting the treadmill off and DH was plugging it in when there was a huge flash of light near him and he groaned and showed me his blackened hand.
For those keeping track, that's the second time he's zapped himself.
Remember this?
I asked DH if he was okay, but he was just carrying on and on groaning and clutching his hand.
Finally I said "You know, my Dad has electrocuted himself many, many times and was never this dramatic!"
DH sat up abruptly "Oh, okay then. I just wanted to see what your reaction was. But...you're just like, it's not a big deal."
Argh, smack him! lol

It was another faulty lamp cord (the lamp is in the trash now) and DH must have yanked on the cord instead of pulling the plug out.
He actually tripped the breaker too this time!

Vivian was making a lot of noise yesterday and I warned her that the neighbors were going to come over and complain.
She replied "Then I will just give them my cute face." while showing me her carefully practiced "Puss-in-Boots" look. ha!
She tries to pull this look on me all the time, and must be it works enough that she thinks she can try it with other people too?

She insisted she wasn't tired while doing her schoolwork yesterday....
I moved her to the couch and she slept for an hour!
I was afraid she was coming down with something, but so far it seems she was just very tired.
Practicing cute expressions is wearing on a person.
Pillow Featherbed pretending to be Rapunzel at the top of the tower.
She climbed up and fell asleep like that.
They have some strong claws!
She also will sleep totally sprawled out on one of the stones, under the heating lamp.
Her head and legs stretched completely out and she's fast asleep.
You will never see that in nature, it is total relaxation without worry of predators.
So amusing to see!