Saturday, February 09, 2013

Ahoy Nemo!

The snowstorm "Nemo" rolled in yesterday/last night.
It didn't appear to be a huge accumulation but I guess the roads were quite treacherous.
Thankfully I didn't have anywhere to go, especially since the plow trucks were very busy with the main roads and didn't touch my street til the wee morning hours.
The girls have been wanting to make a snowman but this snow storm was a disappointment on that count.
Dry powder isn't good for snowmen or fort-making, or even terribly great for sledding either. You just end up with a faceful of snow powder.
They still had fun though!
Shiloh is so focused on playing that you have to keep checking to make sure her hat is still on, and if her gloves are tucked in or are full of snow...which they were and she just said "Oh they're fine, lets play!"
Vivian on the other hand, had me adjust her pants and gloves and hat many times.
We went out Walmart the other day, before the storm.
DH had filled up some gas tanks so he went to the restrooms to wash his hands and found them both closed.
Then Shiloh was urgent and I tried the family bathroom and that was shut down as well.
So I told DH that the whole water line must be down and we shopped pretty quickly.
 DH then complained to the cashier who said that the water main for the whole strip mall had broke but they had a couple of porta-potty's set up outside.
Yes, outside in blowing 20 degree weather.
This is an UN-Super Wal-mart.
I also think that a big store or a grocery store (of which a Super Walmart is both) should put a sign up advising people that there is no running water.
I mean, really when you think about it...ick!

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