Saturday, February 02, 2013

It's electrifying!

We had a busy day with lots of running around this week.
DH had a dentist appointment so I took the kids to run errands while we waited for him to get done.
Later we went out dinner and decided to set up the treadmill when we got back home.
We folded it up in September or October and haven't set it up since then.
I've had it stored in the corner of the playroom but I decided that the girls could use more room in there and it would be easier for me to watch television while I walk, if I moved the treadmill into the living room.
So we pulled it out and set it up.
I was dusting the treadmill off and DH was plugging it in when there was a huge flash of light near him and he groaned and showed me his blackened hand.
For those keeping track, that's the second time he's zapped himself.
Remember this?
I asked DH if he was okay, but he was just carrying on and on groaning and clutching his hand.
Finally I said "You know, my Dad has electrocuted himself many, many times and was never this dramatic!"
DH sat up abruptly "Oh, okay then. I just wanted to see what your reaction was.'re just like, it's not a big deal."
Argh, smack him! lol

It was another faulty lamp cord (the lamp is in the trash now) and DH must have yanked on the cord instead of pulling the plug out.
He actually tripped the breaker too this time!

Vivian was making a lot of noise yesterday and I warned her that the neighbors were going to come over and complain.
She replied "Then I will just give them my cute face." while showing me her carefully practiced "Puss-in-Boots" look. ha!
She tries to pull this look on me all the time, and must be it works enough that she thinks she can try it with other people too?

She insisted she wasn't tired while doing her schoolwork yesterday....
I moved her to the couch and she slept for an hour!
I was afraid she was coming down with something, but so far it seems she was just very tired.
Practicing cute expressions is wearing on a person.
Pillow Featherbed pretending to be Rapunzel at the top of the tower.
She climbed up and fell asleep like that.
They have some strong claws!
She also will sleep totally sprawled out on one of the stones, under the heating lamp.
Her head and legs stretched completely out and she's fast asleep.
You will never see that in nature, it is total relaxation without worry of predators.
So amusing to see!

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