Friday, February 22, 2013


It's been one of those kinds of weeks.
An Oops week.
Like when I was holding a mug of water while I quickly leaned over to check a site online...which resulted in water accidentally splashing on the keyboard and causing it to go on the fritz for several days.
Hopefully it is all fixed now, as I am typing this on it at the moment.
It's taken several days though, letting it rest upside-down to try to drain any extra moisture and then having the number keys sticking while nothing else worked. Then nothing working.
I could have posted a lovely message of just 1's or 2's, that is if I could have gotten enough keys working to log on.
Anyways...lesson learned and I will be keeping my beverages far away from the laptop from now on!
It did spur me to clean up a bunch of junk off the computer.
I realized that I like save websites (Bookmarks/Favorites) but then I rarely remember to look at them again and if I want the site I just type it in or Google it.
I had quite an accumulation of sites marked, and several were dead links by now too!
I also knocked over a vase of Valentine's roses and soaked my carpet.
DH bought me a new bathrobe the other day. To replace my old one since the zipper was starting to come away from the material....not mention the fact that I once caught the sleeve on fire.
Well, that's a little dramatic. It just melted a bit in one spot when I reached over a candle for something.
Then yesterday, I went to put away some towels in a drawer and the whole front of the drawer came off in my hand.
I must have been a sight, bewildered and holding an armful of towels and handle of the drawer face.
Cheap plastic hardware, so we need to visit a Hardware store in the near future.
I actually ran out to our small local hardware store but they didn't have the parts I need so I'll have to try Lowe's or Home Depot.
Anyways...hopefully Oopsie week is almost over!

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