Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sew overwhelming!

I really need to start sewing. The projects are piling up now.
I bought this heart pattern..
...and floral pattern for making curtains.
Then Vivian kept talking about how she wanted me to make her a dress with hearts all over it, so we went back to the store and I gathered around 5 or 6 different fabrics and let the girls choose what they liked.
Vivian chose a "conversation heart" pattern...
...while Shiloh chose this blue and purple fabric. She wants me to make a skirt from it.
So that's on top of having a half-naked Ken doll sitting on my counter top waiting to be outfitted and the bunch of old towels in my closet waiting to be made in to rugs.
Just need some time...and a good dose of motivation wouldn't hurt. ha!
I think I just accumulated so many projects that it's a little overwhelming right now, easier to do something else!
When I was shopping for the first batch of fabrics there were only two other people also shopping for fabric...both men.
One of the men was heavy-set and dressed in Carharts and a baseball cap who seemed pretty lost and ended up picking out lots of tulle.
But the oddest part (for me) was when I was having my fabrics cut, he took my bolts as soon as they were set down and asked for exactly the same amount of fabric from them as I had just had cut!
DH just thought he was probably buying fabric for his wife or something and didn't really know what he was shopping for.
Since I was the only woman there he decided that copying my choices was a safe bet?? :)

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