Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Malls, and Dentists, oh my!

Last week we took the girls to a mall.
We rarely go to a mall so it was a nice outing for us.
We took our big stroller with us even though I think Vivian is getting too "old" for it, she is petite and tires out quickly so DH would end up carrying her alot without it.
It also works great for carrying our bags, coats, and snacks! :)
I like to have a snack when I'm shopping, otherwise once I'm hungry...I'm done shopping.
So we were the family walking through the mall munching on homemade oatmeal cookies, hee hee.
The highlights of the mall for the girls, are the fountains...whether or not they're working and the kiddie rides. :)
I found another pair of jeans there. Which is good since my knee busted through one of my favorite pairs the other day.
It annoys Vivian, my little fashionista!
So I guess I'll save those for floor cleaning or painting etc.
I've gotta stop crawling around on the floors...or letting the girls use my legs as a slide!
Shiloh also had a dentist appointment last week.
DH had all this stuff planned out to do with Vivian to keep her happy while he was watching her (since she's a Mama's girl) but she ended up falling asleep before we left and only woke up a few minutes before we got home.
I was concerned because Shiloh has a tooth that fell out last October and the adult tooth is nowhere to be seen, and frankly there's no room for it to come in anyways.
But our dentist doesn't have the right type of X-ray machine anyways.
They did a cleaning, and this was the first time that Shiloh wasn't excited and happy about visiting the Dentist.
Her boots tapped together nervously the whole time they were cleaning her teeth.
Unfortunately they did find a couple cavities, but we'll be taking her to a Pediatric Dentist to have those taken care of, especially since she was so nervous this time.
When we were leaving, she stopped me suddenly "But wait, Mom! I didn't say goodbye to my Dentist!"
So she had to pop her head in to say a proper goodbye to the hygienist. :)
I wanted to start power-walking on my treadmill, and instantly got this sore red area on my heel.
It can't decide if it wants to be a blister or a callus. :-P
So I simply asked DH this morning if we had any of the big bandaids because I still wanted to walk today but it was really sore and I didn't want it turning into a blister or whatever.
Next thing I know he has gauze and tape and he's wrapping my heel up like I'm a mummy.
There's so much tape!
 I took a shower and it didn't loosen up a bit...waterproofed?
Anyways, that is what you get when you ask a chef for a bandaid because they know how to cover an injury very well for their job.
I have a headache now, but I think I'd better get the asprin on my own...

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Let them eat cake!

Sometimes you want cake...and not just cake, Birthday cake.
It tastes better!
I noticed this week was Shiloh's 1/2 birthday...and we were craving cake...and we couldn't very well leave Vivian out! :)
Several of my jeans were starting to wear out at the knees so we went shopping.
I had to try on probably 10-12 pairs in order to find two that fit well.
Vivian came into the dressing room with me and voiced her opinion on the jeans I tried on, though mostly she enjoyed watching herself in the mirror!
Afterwards while we were still shopping she grabbed a pair of panties and brought them to me, "Mommy, you should try these on next, they look so pretty!"

Monday, March 11, 2013

Venturing out...

Today was supposed to be a beautiful day...but it really wasn't weather-wise.
I was chatting with a lady today about the weather and distracted her so much she forgot where she had parked her car. ;-)
I took the girls to the library. I wanted to look through the pre-teen books so we searched there first (and found a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book for Shiloh. yay!) but there was a man reading near that area and there was an awful smell coming from him. :(
So needless to say we didn't get to look through the books in that area for very long.
But it was a good opportunity for explaining to the girls that we need to be polite and not rude, and that we don't know if this man had a health problem or some other condition...and so on.
Then we went to the grocery store, which is under renovation.
I didn't realize the work was going to start quite so soon. They measured the aisles so two carts could just barely pass each other.
That made shopping pretty difficult with two little kids.
I had Vivian squished between me and the cart and Shiloh right behind me.
Ironically enough, I had written out my shopping list specifically by aisle so that I could get my groceries very quickly.
Well, that didn't work at all since they moved stuff everywhere.
BUT I still think it was a good idea. ;-)
The girls have been wanting bathrobes (like Mommy's!) for awhile.
I've been looking around and finally found these cute robes at KMart.
(Vivian made cheesy poses in every photo!)
I'm jealous though, my robes aren't nearly this cute! :)
They wear them all the time now!
Today's school snack (well, one of many snacks through the day!), baby carrots with hummus or spicy ranch dressing for dipping.
I thought mostly Vivi and I would snack on these, but Shiloh loved the ranch dressing.
We ended up going through all the baby carrots and they still wanted more so I cut up some carrot sticks.
Tomorrow maybe I'll add some broccoli and see how that goes over.
I've done little fruit trays for them but a veggie one would be even better!
I'm excited that Shiloh enjoyed the carrots so much.
Even with all her missing teeth which had to make eating them difficult!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Snow Princesses

We had some nice "Snowman snow" the other day.
The girls had a lot of fun sledding and making snowmen. :)

Isn't he cool? Baby carrot nose and pine bough hair.
Unfortunately a warm sunny day followed and Mr. Snowman didn't last nearly as long as we expected.
I was cleaning up the girls' Barbies the other day.
Sorting through tiny shoes and micro forks, dressing dolls and combing out their hair.
Yes, I was cleaning...not playing! ;-)
The next morning I found a tiny Barbie cellphone on my nightstand.
I asked the girls about it and Vivian said "I put it there for you in case you wanted to make a phone call."  :-D
She fell asleep on the couch the other night, with her little Disney Princess dolls.
Too cute!