Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Malls, and Dentists, oh my!

Last week we took the girls to a mall.
We rarely go to a mall so it was a nice outing for us.
We took our big stroller with us even though I think Vivian is getting too "old" for it, she is petite and tires out quickly so DH would end up carrying her alot without it.
It also works great for carrying our bags, coats, and snacks! :)
I like to have a snack when I'm shopping, otherwise once I'm hungry...I'm done shopping.
So we were the family walking through the mall munching on homemade oatmeal cookies, hee hee.
The highlights of the mall for the girls, are the fountains...whether or not they're working and the kiddie rides. :)
I found another pair of jeans there. Which is good since my knee busted through one of my favorite pairs the other day.
It annoys Vivian, my little fashionista!
So I guess I'll save those for floor cleaning or painting etc.
I've gotta stop crawling around on the floors...or letting the girls use my legs as a slide!
Shiloh also had a dentist appointment last week.
DH had all this stuff planned out to do with Vivian to keep her happy while he was watching her (since she's a Mama's girl) but she ended up falling asleep before we left and only woke up a few minutes before we got home.
I was concerned because Shiloh has a tooth that fell out last October and the adult tooth is nowhere to be seen, and frankly there's no room for it to come in anyways.
But our dentist doesn't have the right type of X-ray machine anyways.
They did a cleaning, and this was the first time that Shiloh wasn't excited and happy about visiting the Dentist.
Her boots tapped together nervously the whole time they were cleaning her teeth.
Unfortunately they did find a couple cavities, but we'll be taking her to a Pediatric Dentist to have those taken care of, especially since she was so nervous this time.
When we were leaving, she stopped me suddenly "But wait, Mom! I didn't say goodbye to my Dentist!"
So she had to pop her head in to say a proper goodbye to the hygienist. :)
I wanted to start power-walking on my treadmill, and instantly got this sore red area on my heel.
It can't decide if it wants to be a blister or a callus. :-P
So I simply asked DH this morning if we had any of the big bandaids because I still wanted to walk today but it was really sore and I didn't want it turning into a blister or whatever.
Next thing I know he has gauze and tape and he's wrapping my heel up like I'm a mummy.
There's so much tape!
 I took a shower and it didn't loosen up a bit...waterproofed?
Anyways, that is what you get when you ask a chef for a bandaid because they know how to cover an injury very well for their job.
I have a headache now, but I think I'd better get the asprin on my own...

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