Saturday, March 09, 2013

Snow Princesses

We had some nice "Snowman snow" the other day.
The girls had a lot of fun sledding and making snowmen. :)

Isn't he cool? Baby carrot nose and pine bough hair.
Unfortunately a warm sunny day followed and Mr. Snowman didn't last nearly as long as we expected.
I was cleaning up the girls' Barbies the other day.
Sorting through tiny shoes and micro forks, dressing dolls and combing out their hair.
Yes, I was cleaning...not playing! ;-)
The next morning I found a tiny Barbie cellphone on my nightstand.
I asked the girls about it and Vivian said "I put it there for you in case you wanted to make a phone call."  :-D
She fell asleep on the couch the other night, with her little Disney Princess dolls.
Too cute!

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