Thursday, April 04, 2013


It was nice to finally have a beautiful spring day!
The sun was deceptive made me want to hang laundry outside.
It made Shiloh want to go outdoor without her coat.
But it was still too chilly for all that.
Still much nicer than the past few days with the rain and gloom.
I had to go to the post office this week and the postman there was so chatty.
So chatty!
I think he was a little bored with the lack of customers due to the rain.
Or maybe he really just liked to talk about his time up in Speculator and how good he was at math?
BTW: He was quite a bit older, so he wasn't flirting...I hope!
DH said "He doesn't talk that much to me?!" ;-D
I just started my garden indoors...though honestly it's too early!
The girls and I went grocery shopping.
I found these pretty place mats. Each one has a different border and they just shout Spring!
We love our front porch. :)
The girls and I spend a lot of time enjoying the porch.
We do everything out there. (Vivian was busy making her shopping list.)
Rory is 2 years old now..and still just as cute as ever. :)

Shiloh was practicing taking pictures of Rory with an old cellphone so I though I'd get a shot or two in as well.
I had to feed Rory to keep her still enough for the camera to capture her....otherwise all the photos were just a blur, she's still fast!

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