Saturday, April 27, 2013

Taking the Divas to the Dentist

Shiloh had her appointment with the Pediatric Dentist this past week.
Boy, am I ever glad I decided to take her there instead of having the work done at the local Dentist.
It was well worth the hours of driving!
Plus, I was able to call and get Vivian in for her teeth cleaning at the same time.
Go Mama! ;-)
First of all, they found ONE small cavity...not the several that the other Dentist mentioned.
It's also so small that they're not even going to do anything now...and possibly the tooth will fall out before it ever needs anything done.
They just gave us a prescription for a stronger toothpaste to help keep the cavity small.
Soo...if I had just stuck with the local Dentist, poor Shiloh would have gone through unnecessary dental work.
I am so not cool with that.
Needless to say, the drive is worth it to me and my girls will not be going back to the Dentist here.
The Pediatric Dentist also confirmed that some marks on Shi's teeth were from when her teeth were forming, which is what I had originally been told by her old Dentist.
But then suddenly they changed their mind this last time and started saying the marks were caused by drinking too much juice.
What?! The girls rarely drink juice at all so I knew that totally bogus, even Shiloh protested and told the hygienist that I don't let her drink juice.
So anyways it was confirmed...marks not caused by invisible juice.
We can still have tea parties with invisible drinks without fear of rotting our teeth out!
There was another 2nd grader there, a boy, and he was so huge next to Shiloh.
Eek, made me nervous to ever think of her going to a classroom with kids twice her size!
Then it was Vivian's turn, the Dentist immediately commented on her clothes and remarked about what a Fashionista she is.
It's not just me that recognizes her talent, lol! ;-)
Hmm, but was it the Disney Princess Rain boots she wore (on a sunny day) that tipped him off or her collection of multi-color beaded necklaces?
Maybe it was just the whole ensemble!
She had a good appointment as well, just a simple cleaning this time.
Then we had lunch at Cracker Barrel which was so nice since we don't have one locally.
They gave me so much french toast I had enough for breakfast, lunch, and breakfast the next day!
It was yummy too! :)

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