Monday, April 15, 2013

The day that got away...

I have been so bad with time management lately, but today I was especially so.
Hmm...when exactly did I start to lose track of time?
Well, I needed to get Vivian a pair of sneakers because despite the fact that we have a whole bunch of sneakers...none of them fit her.
I start to get the girls all ready to go this morning and it starts raining.
So we wait until it clears up. (What's the rush, right?)
I decided to use the time to fill out a form that had a deadline that was creeping ever closer.
We finally get to the shoe store and Vivian needs to try on every shoe in her size, and the next two sizes on either side because this one is too tight, this one hurts her heel, this one is too big, this one looks like a boy shoe...and so on.
Finally find her a pair that we're both happy with. Not sneakers but they're close enough and very cute and comfortable.
Happy girl with her new shoes.
We come home from the shoe store and it's beautiful.
We have to take advantage of that. :)
Shiloh is riding now with one training wheel. Baby steps!
We drew roads in chalk for all the girls' cars...and a hospital, police station, fire station, Walmart and Target.
Then I gave Vivian a squirt bottle and she ran the car wash...that was a huge hit!
We finally head back inside, and there's laundry to put into the porch to help them dry faster, my phone is flashing at me because the battery is almost dead, and the kids are hungry and thirsty (even though they devoured two popsicles and most of my pasta salad while they were outside).
I made two sandwiches for lunch or dinner...or whatever time of day it was.
The kids eat nonstop anyways so we have many more than just three meals a day here...whenever someone is hungry we make something!
I started making a pie and a pasta bake because I had both meat thawed and a pie crust waiting in the fridge since I was supposed to make those meals the day before but I then I was hit with the worst migraine I've had in a long time.
I put a movie in for the girls and feed them cereal and apple cores from the apples I'm peeling.
Somewhere about the time I'm washing my third sinkful of dishes, I glance at the clock.
"Um...Vivi, are you still awake?"
Vivi's sleepy voice replies "Yeah"
"Okay, it's about half an hour past your bedtime already."
Crud. Baths.
Well, I certainly ran out of time for baths.
Take pie out of oven, put pasta into oven.
Rush to get her ready and tucked into bed.
Take pasta out of oven.
Feed Shiloh (again!) and clean up toys and random messes.
Put Shiloh to bed.
Realize that the trash needs to go out and I haven't cleaned Rory's bin out yet..
Scrub that out it MY bedtime yet?

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