Monday, May 20, 2013

Flowers and fevers

We visited a BJ's store last week. The girls had never been in one before and Shiloh was nervous about the high aisles. She thought something might fall on her.(Hmm, she gets that from her Mama)
Vivian has come down with a fever. I braided back her bangs this morning so I could keep a cool cloth on her head.
She looked too precious!
Hopefully her fever will break soon, it reached 104 this afternoon which is too high for me!
I took the girls for a walk yesterday and there was a little field where the girls loved picking dandelions (or dandies as Shi calls them).
They needed one "vase" one for some wild purple flowers that they found.
I just love how the girls dress up everything...
Even my garage floor is decorated in pink chalk flowers. :)

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