Friday, May 24, 2013

Why I buy boy shorts for my girls

These are two pairs of children's shorts.Both are the same size.
Both are from the same company.
Both are for a 5 year old child.
The only difference is that one is made for a girl and one is made for a boy.
Any guesses which is for which?
I went out the other day shopping for shorts for the girls and store after store, I only found too-short shorts in the girls' departments.
If I'm lucky I can find Capri's but not this time.
So finally I had a light bulb moment and went over to the boys' department and right away I found shorts at a decent length and basic colors.
Paired with a pretty top and no one is the wiser.
I was just disgusted with the difference. There should not be such a difference for such a young child.
Not only for modesty's sake, though I definitely think girls should be more covered and not less, but also for playing.
Girls want to play on the playground and not burn their tushes on the slides.
They fall and need more clothing protection just like boys.
They walk through bushes and climb trees and need protection from the rough bark and branches.
They need covering to protect them from sunburn.
They want to sit on the concrete driveway and color with chalk and not have their bare bottoms be on the dirt or scrape up their knees.
Ugh, just let them be kids.
Okay, off my soap box. But watch out, I might climb right back on! ;-)

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