Saturday, May 04, 2013

Young at heart...

...but unfortunately not quite that young of body!
DH and I have been playing like kids, but our bodies have been way to quick to remind us that we are not!
We took the girls to the playground this week...actually a couple of playgrounds and DH went down one slide, once.
His tush hurt too bad to go down again.
Vivian kept saying "But Dada, I can go down and it doesn't hurt. Look! See?"
Lol, Poor DH couldn't figure it out and kept checking the slide out for flaws.
 My family!
 Shiloh's little bike is getting too small for her but I didn't think there was much sense in buying a bigger one until she learned how to ride without training wheels.
Well, a new bike was big motivation to her and she set her mind to it.
So she got her new bike! :)
(She wanted to pick a bouquet of dandelions to hold in the photo)
The Princess and her new carriage
Her new bike is a little hard for her to handle since she's so new to riding without training-wheels so she only rides it when we can help her and is mostly sticking with riding her smaller bike for now.
So Mama rode her new bike around with the girls riding their small bikes.
They loved having their Mama riding with them so much...BUT
I am in such pain today!
My tailbone is super-sore.
I couldn't move in my sleep, I can't sit easily, I can't get in and out of the truck without pain.
Ack! The bike looks so sweet too...not at all like the torture device it is!

I bought the girls some bandanas. I showed them all different ways to wear them, but they quickly figured out that they make great super-hero capes.
Being a super-hero is hard work!

Even Super Heroes need a nap now and then...
Vivian got a book from the library that mentions a banana split sundae in it.
Every time we read it, she has to ask me every detail about banana splits...from how the bananas are cut to how many cherries go on top.
Finally I said, "What do you think is the best way we can learn about a banana split?"
Shiloh piped up "I know! You can get us a workbook about banana splits!"
Lol, you might be a Homeschooler...if workbooks are the first thing that come to your mind.;-D
(She takes after her Grama!)
The other day Vivian told Shiloh, "My feet smell like perfume!"
Shiloh replied "Well, my feet smell like dandelions...but um, dandelions are stinky so they kinda stink."

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