Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kids say...

Vivian - "Mama, why have I never seen a cow jump over the moon?
Hmmm? Why? Why Mama, why?"
Signs that your child has been playing too many video games.
Vivian - "I'm not five, I'm four!"
Shiloh - "No Vivian, don't you remember?
You got upgraded to level five, so you're five now."
Vivian - "Oh, I forgot."

Pretty neat to watch them play together.
They had Lalaloopsy's stuck in dungeons (made out of their own little cardboard houses), Prince Handsome (Lalaloopsy character) had to stage a rescue.
Then Prairie Dusty Trails (Lalaloopsy) led a huge round-up of wild horses...which were actually a herd of My Little Ponies.
Then there were all the multi-colored geckos taking a trip to the moon today.
I love their imaginations. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday bike

((For some reason the blog is not letting me load in pictures. I've even been delaying posting but it's still not working so unfortunately, no pics!))
My baby turned five this week!
We had a nice party for her and she's really enjoying being five...such an important birthday to a kiddo! ;-)
She got an unexpected present from her sister this week too.
Shiloh has only been riding a bicycle without training wheels for a couple months.
BUT in that time she has gained a lot of confidence and she zooms everywhere and figured out that going fast and then slamming on the brakes would leave this awesome skid mark on the driveway.
She even had this "Tokyo Drift" maneuver that she'd pull off to go around the truck.
Until this week, when we suddenly heard a loud *pop* while she was riding.
She blew the tire AND the tube. A big hole right through!
I went to replace those and found they were half the cost of a whole new bike. So since Shi had been pretty rough on this bike, and since we were planning on using this bike for Vivian, I ended up getting a whole new bike for Vivian.
She's pretty thrilled although a little nervous on it since it's a little bigger than the previous bike.
Shiloh is allowed to ride it too but no more "Fast and Furious" maneuvers! ;-)
The cutest thing is that the new bike has a little baby doll seat in the back so now every time we go out to ride bikes, Vivian has to grab her baby doll first.
It's the perfect bike for her. :)
Me, on the other hand?
I've been run over sooooo many times this week.
Maybe the training wheels stick out further than old ones or something but Vivi has run up over my heels so many times and there's some metal piece that keeps cutting my ankle in the same spot.
Then today Shiloh was following too closely behind us  and ran over me...twice!
So my legs are all scraped up and bandaged.
At least I have "Hello kitty" bandaids to make me feel better. :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

You don't know me, but hey, can I hug your toilet paper?

It's been a busy, busy week!
Thankfully the rain has finally let up, but we got soaked a few times going out the past couple days.
Today the weather was just teasing us, every time we went outside it started sprinkling!
We come back indoors and the sun comes out!
Do you know what this bug is? I've found them all over recently.
The girls found three today and were freaked out so I quickly looked them up and found out they are Ladybug larva! I'm surprised I've never noticed them before...they are quite freaky looking.
Looks like a picture of some alien robot drone on their back!
I guess it's a good year for the ladybugs.
At least better than for my garden, which is in a sad, sad state.
Burned from the heat wave, then froze from our cold nights, and now drowned.
It's not good.
I was going to pick up some more veggie plants this week, but the garden centers don't have a proper roof and they're not fun to shop in the rain.
It was such a downpour the other day. We had stopped at a store and they had samples of dried blueberries in little cups that the girls were snacking on.
Then it rained so hard while we were getting to the truck that it rehydrated the berries. ha!
I took the girls out shopping early in the week and Vivian had to go to the bathroom so I took her out of the cart, then went to get Shiloh out of the cart.
There was a lady with a couple bags who was waiting for someone to come out of the bathroom and she was  standing near me and wearing a similar raincoat.
Vivian got confused and scampered over to this lady and starts squeezing the big pack of toilet paper that the lady is holding.
The lady didn't notice and I called to Vivi, but she was too captivated by the plastic-wrapped squishiness of the toilet paper.
THEN Vivi starts hugging and patting the toilet paper which attracted the attention of the tp-buying woman. Finally Vivian realized her mistake and rushed back over to me all red-cheeked.
It's just so funny when I think about it because Vivian was just so enamored with the toilet paper, of all things!

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Finishing up the school year...

Shiloh was watching me scoop up ice cream for her and Vivian.
Shiloh: "Why do I get more ice cream than Vivian?"
Me: "Because she's Lactose Intolerant and too much ice cream will bother her stomach."
Shiloh: "Oh, so I get more ice cream because I'm just Lactose?"
Vivian "Shiloh! Stop shouting! It makes wax in my ears!"
You know how stores sometimes put these annoying poles on the sides of the shopping carts?
Did you realize that sometimes this means the cart won't fit through the door?
Ahem, I didn't.
But in pinch, as in the cart is full of children and groceries, and people are following right behind you...I did discover that you can quickly tip the cart back a bit and maneuver it out the door.
In fact maybe no heard the smack of the pole banging against the door frame as you tried to pull it through in the first place, and maybe they didn't even notice you tipping a cart to get it through the door, and perhaps even maybe the heat of midday hid the embarrassed flush that came to my cheeks.
Yep, maybe.
(Honestly, I was a little peeved. If I'm shopping with a cart, I don't think it's too much to ask that the cart fit through the door! :-P )
Can you tell we have a Kindergartner in our house? ;-)
This is a simple game that I also did for Shi when she was 4.
I wrote a bunch of words on paper and then had Vivian read them (with and without help) and then she had to find something in the house that fit the word and tape it on.
She loved it and Shiloh wants me to make a version of it for her. :)
Vivi hasn't had reading come to her as easily but she's taken to this game more than Shiloh did when Shi was her age.
Vivian is carefully sounding out the words as she sees them through the house, then she even spells them out.
I think we'll be playing the game again soon. :)
I also found it amusing that Shiloh has been having trouble with one of her spelling words "pencil" and it was one of words in the game. So Vivian chose to put the paper into Shiloh's pencil box, so now every time she opens her bag she has the word right there.  ;-D
We're getting to end of the school year and Vivian's work has been super-easy.
A lot of simple review and coloring and she's been done so quickly...even with me adding extra writing and number work for her.
But poor Shiloh, the ending pages of her Language book are just having her write story after story and words that she might hear at a pond or that she'll see in a Zoo etc.etc.
And this type of work is what Shi dreads all year long, so we've had long frustrating days.
Counting down the pages!
Today she was supposed to write words of things that she thought were beautiful, so I started mentioning some things that I thought were beautiful and Shiloh piped up with "birds!"
I said "That's great, do want to write a certain type of bird?"
Next thing she pulls out our bird identification book and starts picking out the birds that she thought were most beautiful.
Actually it took her language work in a whole extra direction as she wrote down "Roseate Spoonbill" and "Ring-necked Pheasant" lol.
Now if we can just a creative way to get through the rest of the pages we might just make it!