Saturday, June 22, 2013

Birthday bike

((For some reason the blog is not letting me load in pictures. I've even been delaying posting but it's still not working so unfortunately, no pics!))
My baby turned five this week!
We had a nice party for her and she's really enjoying being five...such an important birthday to a kiddo! ;-)
She got an unexpected present from her sister this week too.
Shiloh has only been riding a bicycle without training wheels for a couple months.
BUT in that time she has gained a lot of confidence and she zooms everywhere and figured out that going fast and then slamming on the brakes would leave this awesome skid mark on the driveway.
She even had this "Tokyo Drift" maneuver that she'd pull off to go around the truck.
Until this week, when we suddenly heard a loud *pop* while she was riding.
She blew the tire AND the tube. A big hole right through!
I went to replace those and found they were half the cost of a whole new bike. So since Shi had been pretty rough on this bike, and since we were planning on using this bike for Vivian, I ended up getting a whole new bike for Vivian.
She's pretty thrilled although a little nervous on it since it's a little bigger than the previous bike.
Shiloh is allowed to ride it too but no more "Fast and Furious" maneuvers! ;-)
The cutest thing is that the new bike has a little baby doll seat in the back so now every time we go out to ride bikes, Vivian has to grab her baby doll first.
It's the perfect bike for her. :)
Me, on the other hand?
I've been run over sooooo many times this week.
Maybe the training wheels stick out further than old ones or something but Vivi has run up over my heels so many times and there's some metal piece that keeps cutting my ankle in the same spot.
Then today Shiloh was following too closely behind us  and ran over me...twice!
So my legs are all scraped up and bandaged.
At least I have "Hello kitty" bandaids to make me feel better. :)

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