Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Finishing up the school year...

Shiloh was watching me scoop up ice cream for her and Vivian.
Shiloh: "Why do I get more ice cream than Vivian?"
Me: "Because she's Lactose Intolerant and too much ice cream will bother her stomach."
Shiloh: "Oh, so I get more ice cream because I'm just Lactose?"
Vivian "Shiloh! Stop shouting! It makes wax in my ears!"
You know how stores sometimes put these annoying poles on the sides of the shopping carts?
Did you realize that sometimes this means the cart won't fit through the door?
Ahem, I didn't.
But in pinch, as in the cart is full of children and groceries, and people are following right behind you...I did discover that you can quickly tip the cart back a bit and maneuver it out the door.
In fact maybe no heard the smack of the pole banging against the door frame as you tried to pull it through in the first place, and maybe they didn't even notice you tipping a cart to get it through the door, and perhaps even maybe the heat of midday hid the embarrassed flush that came to my cheeks.
Yep, maybe.
(Honestly, I was a little peeved. If I'm shopping with a cart, I don't think it's too much to ask that the cart fit through the door! :-P )
Can you tell we have a Kindergartner in our house? ;-)
This is a simple game that I also did for Shi when she was 4.
I wrote a bunch of words on paper and then had Vivian read them (with and without help) and then she had to find something in the house that fit the word and tape it on.
She loved it and Shiloh wants me to make a version of it for her. :)
Vivi hasn't had reading come to her as easily but she's taken to this game more than Shiloh did when Shi was her age.
Vivian is carefully sounding out the words as she sees them through the house, then she even spells them out.
I think we'll be playing the game again soon. :)
I also found it amusing that Shiloh has been having trouble with one of her spelling words "pencil" and it was one of words in the game. So Vivian chose to put the paper into Shiloh's pencil box, so now every time she opens her bag she has the word right there.  ;-D
We're getting to end of the school year and Vivian's work has been super-easy.
A lot of simple review and coloring and she's been done so quickly...even with me adding extra writing and number work for her.
But poor Shiloh, the ending pages of her Language book are just having her write story after story and words that she might hear at a pond or that she'll see in a Zoo etc.etc.
And this type of work is what Shi dreads all year long, so we've had long frustrating days.
Counting down the pages!
Today she was supposed to write words of things that she thought were beautiful, so I started mentioning some things that I thought were beautiful and Shiloh piped up with "birds!"
I said "That's great, do want to write a certain type of bird?"
Next thing she pulls out our bird identification book and starts picking out the birds that she thought were most beautiful.
Actually it took her language work in a whole extra direction as she wrote down "Roseate Spoonbill" and "Ring-necked Pheasant" lol.
Now if we can just a creative way to get through the rest of the pages we might just make it!

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