Sunday, June 23, 2013

Kids say...

Vivian - "Mama, why have I never seen a cow jump over the moon?
Hmmm? Why? Why Mama, why?"
Signs that your child has been playing too many video games.
Vivian - "I'm not five, I'm four!"
Shiloh - "No Vivian, don't you remember?
You got upgraded to level five, so you're five now."
Vivian - "Oh, I forgot."

Pretty neat to watch them play together.
They had Lalaloopsy's stuck in dungeons (made out of their own little cardboard houses), Prince Handsome (Lalaloopsy character) had to stage a rescue.
Then Prairie Dusty Trails (Lalaloopsy) led a huge round-up of wild horses...which were actually a herd of My Little Ponies.
Then there were all the multi-colored geckos taking a trip to the moon today.
I love their imaginations. :)

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