Friday, June 14, 2013

You don't know me, but hey, can I hug your toilet paper?

It's been a busy, busy week!
Thankfully the rain has finally let up, but we got soaked a few times going out the past couple days.
Today the weather was just teasing us, every time we went outside it started sprinkling!
We come back indoors and the sun comes out!
Do you know what this bug is? I've found them all over recently.
The girls found three today and were freaked out so I quickly looked them up and found out they are Ladybug larva! I'm surprised I've never noticed them before...they are quite freaky looking.
Looks like a picture of some alien robot drone on their back!
I guess it's a good year for the ladybugs.
At least better than for my garden, which is in a sad, sad state.
Burned from the heat wave, then froze from our cold nights, and now drowned.
It's not good.
I was going to pick up some more veggie plants this week, but the garden centers don't have a proper roof and they're not fun to shop in the rain.
It was such a downpour the other day. We had stopped at a store and they had samples of dried blueberries in little cups that the girls were snacking on.
Then it rained so hard while we were getting to the truck that it rehydrated the berries. ha!
I took the girls out shopping early in the week and Vivian had to go to the bathroom so I took her out of the cart, then went to get Shiloh out of the cart.
There was a lady with a couple bags who was waiting for someone to come out of the bathroom and she was  standing near me and wearing a similar raincoat.
Vivian got confused and scampered over to this lady and starts squeezing the big pack of toilet paper that the lady is holding.
The lady didn't notice and I called to Vivi, but she was too captivated by the plastic-wrapped squishiness of the toilet paper.
THEN Vivi starts hugging and patting the toilet paper which attracted the attention of the tp-buying woman. Finally Vivian realized her mistake and rushed back over to me all red-cheeked.
It's just so funny when I think about it because Vivian was just so enamored with the toilet paper, of all things!

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