Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Busy summer days!

Busy summer days! Yes, that's my excuse for not posting lately... ((Blogger still doesn't have the photo problem fixed either, it keeps crashing my screen when I try))
The girls are enjoying the library's reading program again this year.
The library has added some new raffles, and also added some new programs so it has been fun.
The girls have only done one program so far. It was learning about plants and then actually planting some grass seed.
Shiloh was so outgoing and raising her hand to answer the questions.
She just has a tendency to answer the questions to their fullest.
Plant lady: "Can someone name a part of a plant."
Shiloh: "Stem, Roots, Leaves..."
(um, sorry other kids.)
On the other hand...
1. Shiloh
 2. package of soil
3. indoors
Who thought this was a good idea?
Poor Vivian was the hapless one whose lap received most of the spilled dirt...and whatever didn't spill in her lap filled up her rain boots.
I just hope the library invested in a good shop vac. I should.

The girls and I also spent a few days up at the river being spoiled by their grandparents. :)
Had a lot of fun at the French Festival that going on at the time, and also of course fishing.
Though I think the girls enjoying fishing with little plastic fish tied to their lines more than "real" fishing. Shiloh was quite happy to keeping pulling in her red "Min-u-oh" each time.

DH took some time off this month too.
He did a ton of working around the house and we took the girls to the Zoo, and celebrated our 10th Anniversary!
We happened to go to the Zoo on one of the hottest days we've had this year. But we brought lots of water and sunscreen and bug spray and we're able to enjoy ourselves.
The bug spray didn't prevent some strange black insect from flying into our pasta salad at lunchtime but thankfully we were mostly done with that anyways...

The other day we were at McDonald's and Vivi noticed the "M" on her container so she and Shiloh were thinking of words that began with "M", then they flipped it over so it became a "W" and started to think of words that began with that letter.
Vivian: "Waffles!"
Me: "Yep."
Vivian: "Water!"
Me: "Good one!"
Vivian: "Wuh...Wuh...Wobins!"
Me: "It's Rrrr...Robin."
Vivian: "Wuh...Er...Wobins!"
This is frustrating her, I know. She has a hard time with the "R" sound and while she sounds absolutely adorable, it does make it harder on her with spelling and so on.
So I've had to get a little more creative with some of her lessons.
I made a little spelling game for her and asked Shiloh to play it first and act like it was very fun so that Vivian would be more interested, and not "ugh, more boring spelling work.".
Shiloh is a total hammy over-actor but as she is normally quite exuberant  Vivi didn't notice anything amiss and eagerly jumped on the spelling game.
Thank you, Shiloh! ;-)

Shi is nursing a huge rug burn on her arm now, looks awful!
She was pushing a toy too fast across the floor, and did a total Indy car-crash, face-plant thing into the carpet. Then she brushed herself off, showed me what hurt, went back to playing and did the same exact thing a few minutes later.
Well, the second time really put the rug burn in.
The girls cannot for the life of them remember what the injury is called.
Vivian "Is that called her burn rash?"
Shiloh "No, it's a rug rash."
Vivian "No, I know it's a a burn cut."
Shiloh "Well, it's sore so maybe it's a burn sore."
Vivian "Mama, is what Shiloh has a burn sore?"

Friday, July 05, 2013

Happy 4th!

Seems like things have been a bit harried lately.
Summer craziness, I guess!
The girls have finished up their schoolwork and we've just been continuing working on certain things that they've struggled with or need to improve. Usually only a few pages of work that, for the most part, I've created for them.
BUT since it's stuff that they've struggled with it's actually been somewhat more demanding on me than their usual work.
Constantly rotating between the two of them...
"Shiloh, you need to carry that number. Not put it in front."
"Vivian, stop guessing the words. You need to sound them out."
"Where did your sister go?"
"Finish writing your sentence first, then we'll look up a picture of the sardine stone."
"Because there's not enough room/time for me to draw any of the following: cookies, cupcakes, lollipops, cats, or ladybugs for you to count Vivi! Sorry but you're stuck with counting circles today."
"Where did your sister go?"
"I can't write the answers down! It's your work!"
"Shi, was that your pencil tip that I just heard snap? again?!"
"Can you read what you wrote? Because I can't"
"Where did your sister go?"
"Who was playing with the blue playdoh I just found stuck to my tush?"
"I think it's break time. Yes, definitely."
"No, you can't have my fudgsicle! You have your own!!"
We been busy painting. It started when we painted our laundry room a light green and we loved it so much that we decided to paint the girls' room next.
Pink! of course...well technically it's called "Sanctuary Rose" but it's pink.
Then we found that Disney makes a sparkle top coat, so we put that over the top.
Very neat stuff. I could glitter my whole house...ooh! ;-)
That was sweaty, exhausting work though.
I put a movie on for the girls and made them up a tray of snacks and they barely noticed that we were busy, then we let them camp out downstairs due to the lingering paint fumes.
So I actually think they might have enjoyed that more that the actual finished room. ha!
I took the girls grocery shopping this week.
I had a big list and the store was super-crowded so I'm really focused on getting my list done when suddenly there is a huge crash just across the freezer bin from me.
I saw a cart flipped, and a whole bunch of people rushing over.
An elderly man had collapsed and he was shaking badly. I'm not sure if he was having a seizure or not but that was my first thought.
I reached for my phone but there were already people on their phones.
So many people rushed to help this man, and at least four shoppers (not employees) stayed with him until the EMT's arrived also.
I found it really touching, how many strangers would rush to help this man. :)

I was upstairs tonight and I hear a crash and Shiloh says her now-trademark "Oopsie!"
Then Vivian says "Oh Shiloh...Mama is going to be bery disappointed. bery disappointed."
Shiloh comes running up the stairs before Vivi can blab the whole story "I'm sorry Mom, but I spilled water all over the fan."
"How in the world? Why were you walking around with your cup?"
"Nooo...I wasn't walking around at all."
Vivian has made it up the stairs and takes over, "I saw it Mama and she wasn't walking. The cup 'dis flipped and flipped just like 'dis and the water went up in the air and went all over the fan."
"It hit the the living room...from the dining room?"
"Yes, I don't know how Shiloh did it but it flipped like 'dis."
"Okay Viv, It's just water...and actually I can picture this." Lol
Poor Shiloh. ;-)
We got to see some fireworks last weekend since they were shot off near our home, the girls really loved the show.
I did see some last night, but they were much farther off and that was after 10pm and the girls were long asleep by then.
DH did a BBQ the other day too. Despite the intense heat!
Whew! But it was very tasty and nice to not have to heat up the indoors as much cooking.
I hope everyone had a great Fourth!