Monday, August 26, 2013

On your mark, get set, Go!

Ready to start another year!

This year we're working on learning the States and their Capitals.
The girls' little chalkboard has worked well for that.
I also made a Master List for the wall.
We check off each State/Capital that they remember with a little mark of their choosing.
Shiloh has chosen little brown hearts, and she's zooming through! In just a week, she's memorized 4 already!
Vivian has chosen little kitty faces and she remembers the Capital of our Home State so she's doing well too! :)

Shiloh has been tackling a lot of work with Number Places.
Putting numbers in their right place, writing out the numbers, locating the number in a certain place etc.
And she has been totally stumped.
I've been explaining and writing it and counting it and it was just not working.
So I made her this Number Places Chart and put it in page protector so she can keep it in her math book. I wrote it counting backwards so she could see that if there are two numbers then you look at the chart and the "2" is under the ten's place, three numbers is the hundred's place and so on.
She says it "helps a little bit"... 
I've looked everywhere and I haven't found anything better yet.
I guess we'll see how it goes...the year is young!

I find it so irritating this time of year, that when I'm out with the girls and people, random people, announce to us "School's starting soon!"
Seriously, This is not a proper greeting, people!
Say "Hello" first. Comment on the weather.
Proper social skills.

Speaking of social skills, Shiloh has started telling everyone to "Have a nice day!" when we're out and about.
I asked her about it and she said "I heard someone tell you that, and I thought that would be a nice thing to say." :)

The day I grabbed a tomato worm...

...with my bare hands! TWICE!

The girls wanted to trim their grass sprouts' "hair" so we went outside, and I started to do my usual pruning and checking of my tomato plants.
First thing I notice that the entire top of one bush is completely eaten down the to the stems.
So I'm looking all over for the culprit(s) and I found tons and tons of caterpillar poo but no caterpillar.
Then I find another, much smaller, bush that has also been eaten down.
I start looking under the bush, looking up to see if anything is hanging under the leaves and I see a leaf with some white spots that look like eggs.
So I grab the leaf to rip it off of the plant and it squishes.
Yup, grabbed right onto a huge tomato worm.
Then we had to go back inside because it started raining, so I start researching the worms.
My garden has been doomed from the start this year.
The worms can strip plants in just hours, they also eat the tomatoes (as evidenced by half a green tomato I found), and basically can kill your tomato plants pretty fast.
Yep. Worst garden year ever!

So I head back outside when the rain lets up to look for any more worms.
I grab a stalk to move it out of the way for a better look and...squish!
Believe it or not, I grabbed another worm!
Apparently that is the only way I can find grabbing them!

I also cleaned the turtle tank and the hamster bin today so it's not like my hands were all manicured and beautiful but still, yuck, especially when you're not expecting it!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Love our Library!

The girls really enjoyed our Library's reading program again this year. :)
They planted grass seeds.
(Trimming their grass "hair")

They painted pet rocks.
(Shi's is the brown creature one, Vivian's is the landscape...with pink bubbles. :)
They received their books for reaching the goal amount of hours spent reading.
Vivian chose a Superman book. ;-)

AND...they even won a raffle basket!
A new Nancy Drew book, and lots of crafts supplies like beads, magnets, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and foam shapes and activities!

We will have some fun times crafting this school year! :)

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

We have a new neighbor.
I wasn't sure why I felt uneasy when I met him.
He actually seems nice enough.
But every time I saw him I thought, I've seen him somewhere...and he's BAD!

It was driving me nuts!
Finally I sat down and really thought about....'s coming to me now,
Criminal Minds.
Ack! That show scares me.
I haven't even watched it in ages.

Yep, there was a killer on the show who looks like my neighbor.
So I had to search until I could find a photo.
(Yay, Finally able to post photos again since I dumped IE!)

Meet my neighbor.
Okay, not really, just an actor playing my neighbor, or playing a killer who is my neighbor, or playing an un-neighborly person.
Something like that.
And my neighbor is older and a bit heavier than this photo.
Apparently it traumatized me against balding older men with thick glasses.
I'm afraid one of these days I might be outside and be startled by my neighbor and let out a horrified scream.
As long as I don't swing my shovel at him or something.
Hmm, yeah that's not a great to say welcome to the neighborhood.