Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

We have a new neighbor.
I wasn't sure why I felt uneasy when I met him.
He actually seems nice enough.
But every time I saw him I thought, I've seen him somewhere...and he's BAD!

It was driving me nuts!
Finally I sat down and really thought about....'s coming to me now,
Criminal Minds.
Ack! That show scares me.
I haven't even watched it in ages.

Yep, there was a killer on the show who looks like my neighbor.
So I had to search until I could find a photo.
(Yay, Finally able to post photos again since I dumped IE!)

Meet my neighbor.
Okay, not really, just an actor playing my neighbor, or playing a killer who is my neighbor, or playing an un-neighborly person.
Something like that.
And my neighbor is older and a bit heavier than this photo.
Apparently it traumatized me against balding older men with thick glasses.
I'm afraid one of these days I might be outside and be startled by my neighbor and let out a horrified scream.
As long as I don't swing my shovel at him or something.
Hmm, yeah that's not a great to say welcome to the neighborhood.

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