Friday, September 06, 2013

The Circus!

The girls and I had our first visit to a Circus!
The girls also took their first pony rides too. :)
We were the very first ones in the tent and so we were able to snag the best seats!
Then Shi was asked to be a part of the clown act.
She was the first participant chosen so she had to stand in the ring alone while the clown searched the audience for others to join in.
She kept everyone entertained by bouncing in time with the music,  then spinning, and balancing on one foot.
Typical Shiloh. ;-)
Vivian clapped wildly and told me "I know why they picked Shiloh, because she's so talented at hopping and standing on one foot!"
Then Shiloh's part of the act was banging on two pans when the clown pointed at her, and the other participants had other instruments like horns and bells.
She had good comedic timing too, she banged on the pans when the clown started to walk away and everyone roared. :-D
There was a (rescued) dog act and I think that got the most applause from all the kids in the audience.
There were also horses, camels, and alpaca.
We we close enough to smell them!

I thought it was going to be a tiny little circus but it really was quite nice and lasted longer than I expected.
Vivian was pretty tired by the end as it was past her bedtime.
She said "It took a long time for those people to show us all their talents, they had so many talents!" :)

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