Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Fall Crafting

We've had a fun and busy Fall and end of Summer so far!
We've visited three craft shows, a cider mill, and an apple orchard...which was having a Farm Day so we got to see and pet a bunch of farm animals.
We're getting in a whole bunch of field days. :)

At one craft show I saw a growth chart and I thought it was a great idea...except the ones they had were not painted nicely and they were only made on yard sticks which is too small for what I want.
So DH and I made our own. :)
We bought a piece of lumber, DH sanded it down and gave it a couple of coats of white paint.
Then I measured out my marks and added a little decoration (I had tons of ideas for this but I needed to leave space for writing in the girls' height...squashing my creativity!).

I am totally not that good at drawing...I used stamps. ;-)

I bought some small pumpkins when we went to the orchard, then let the girls decorate them.
So cute!
Vivi's is on the Left, Shi's "Pumpnicula" is on the Right.
(Yes, she's been busy reading "Bunnicula" and "Howliday Inn" and so on)

I've been wanting to paint rocks ever since the girls painted rocks in the library program this Summer.
I even went out and found some small pebbles that I liked and washed them off and they have sat in my kitchen for a good month...or so.
I was getting sick of them. I was annoying myself.
Seriously, does everything have to be a craft?
Just dump the stones back in the yard.
Do it!
They've been sitting there F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
On my counter!

Finally I grabbed some nail polish last night and Ta Da!

They were worth the wait, (at least part of me thinks so!) :)

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