Friday, November 22, 2013

Deck the halls, and doll house, and Aquarium! Falalalalaaa!

We put up our Christmas decorations! :)
Maybe a little early, maybe not.
Our street has been so quiet since we have a couple of empty houses, and those houses are usually decorated for the holidays so if they remain empty it means our street will be lacking in holiday decorations!
So we have to spread cheer for the whole neighborhood. ;)

I love our banister. I've wanted a banister since I was a kid and saw them beautifully decorated in a magazine or movie or something.
Even when it's not Christmas, I often decorate the banister with ivy garland and flowers colored to match the season. 

The girls decorated a mini tree for their Barbies too, and Shi strung some extra garland on the Barbie House. :)
(I loved decorating my doll house for Christmas when I was younger!)

We couldn't leave out decorating the Turtle/Betta tank and Hamster Bin too.

Hmm, and I wonder why decorating the house takes so long, lol.

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