Friday, November 08, 2013

Nature crafts

I've been lousy at posting lately and Vivian is saying the cutest things lately so I really need to keep up with my blogging to lock on to those memories. :)

These photos are from last month but I wanted to share some of our Autumn creations. 
The girls and I went leaf hunting, we are lucky to have both blueberry bushes and a fire bush which produce such brightly colored leaves!
I ironed them between wax paper and hung them in the window and they are so gorgeous when the sun shines through.

Since we had collected and over-abundance of leaves I also had the girls paint some and press them on paper.

The rest went into a bowl on my table...along with a collection of pine cones and seeds, treasures that the girls had gathered.

What do you do when one of your children (Shi Shi) gets a stricken look on their face every time you give any kind of safety talk?
You put a mustache on your smoke alarm.
Vivian ADORED it. 
Shi is still unnerved at the thought of any type of emergency but I think making it a little lighter in tone helps.


doo said...

that was a cute idea with the smoke alarm!

i cant believe how big the girls are not sure how its happening because IM NOT getting any older :-)

Mama to the Princesses said...

Thanks Deb. :)
Kids grow way too quickly!