Sunday, November 17, 2013

Squirrels with hammers

I took my truck in for an oil change this week.
I knew it was going to take awhile so I brought a little bag of knitting with me.
I thought I could sit quietly in the corner, undisturbed, and unobserved while I knit.
Apparently knitting is something of an anomaly in an auto repair waiting room.
At least to men...the women that came through mostly ignored me.
The men had a ton of questions though.
"Is that knitting or crochet?"
"How long is that going to take you?"
"How long have you been knitting?"
"What are you making?"
"Are you usually this fast?"

When I told DH, he said "I shouldn't let you go to these places alone."
Oh yes, me in winter coat and a knitting!
Besides it was probably all the exhaust fumes flooding that waiting room, the haze made knitting a totally fascinating thing. ;-)

We were woken up early the other morning by this super-loud hammering, it sounded like it was right in the bedroom wall! I went all through the house bleary-eyed trying to find out what was making all the noise.
Then I crawled back into bed and hit the wall and said "It's squirrels!"
Then every time I heard the "squirrels" I hit the wall.
Finally the noise stopped.
Not until after I had several cups of coffee did I hear the hammering again and realize it was coming from our back neighbors. (Being not so neighborly by hammering so early in the morning!)
But yes, I don't function so well early in the morning before coffee...that time of day when squirrels with hammers makes perfect sense.

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