Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

It's been a busy December!
We had snow, a lot of snow, but it's mostly all melted now.
Which is fine with me! :)

We've done a lot of Christmas shopping, which is thankfully all done now.
I had to run to Walmart yesterday, traffic was bad and the store was crowded.
Parking was surprisingly easy and I was also surprised that the other shoppers I came in contact with were in a good mood.
Nearly everyone reeked of cigarette smoke though, which I don't know if that is what helped their mood...I just know I could follow anyone too closely and breathe. *cough*cough*
Personally, my mood sours without oxygen, but to each his own.

I took the girls out to look at Christmas lights. We didn't get a chance to do it on Daddy's day off, and then on Saturday it was way too foggy. I've never seen such thick fog!
But we made it out on Sunday night. We had to go out late and the girls were already in their pj's...which I think just made them more excited! 

Not a whole lot of lights to see though, definitely less houses decorated than we saw last year. :(

Been busy making Christmas cookies too.
"Snickerdoodle Reindeers" that both girls decorated last night.

"Sugar Cookies" that Shiloh decorated.

"Magic Cookie Bars" these are just for me. Well, I might share...or maybe not. They're just sooo good!

Also made "Buckeyes" and "Cookie Dough Truffles"

I wanted to make more varieties but I think that might be a sugar over-load so I'll wait til these are gone first.
I making a birthday cake for Jesus now.
The girls really wanted one and thought that Jesus would like chocolate cake. :)

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Christmas at the Mall

I love the Christmas decorations at the Mall.
 So pretty!

During the week it's still not too bad for crowds yet.
(P.S. Santa is right behind that tree! ;-)

We took the girls to see "Frozen" and there was only a handful of other people there including just two other children.
Took a long time for the movie to start though, people started complaining and the clerk had to find the manager to get the movie going.

I was worried the girls might eat through their movie snacks before we even got to the show!
Good movie though.
Vivi was a bit impatient to see the snowman though, but she tends to be lacking in patience anyways. ;-)

Christmas Outtakes

Getting a good Christmas picture is hard.
In fact it actually seems like it's getting harder!

"Shiloh, the camera is this way!"

"Uh, yeah...right here. That's a keeper."

"Okay, I guess holding candy canes in the shape of a heart is more complicated than it looks..."

"Okay Viv, I'm going for a little less crazy here."

"That goes for you too, Shi."

Um, yeah...so just realize that every time you see a half-decent Christmas photo of children, you are a viewing a small Christmas miracle.
Merry Christmas!