Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January Recap

I can't believe I haven't written a post in most of January!
The girls have a cold now and Vivian kept me up most of the night so I'm in that over-tired, adrenaline-rush phase.
I ran out this morning (in the below-zero wind chills!) to buy strawberries so they can have Belgium waffles with strawberries for breakfast....hopefully that will perk them up.
They did snack on some strawberries already...of course, those suckers don't last long in this house!
Shi has been hit pretty hard by this cold, probably because she wasn't quite over her last one when she caught it.
She came to me this afternoon crying saying that she missed me sooo much when I went to the grocery store.
Um...you mean my quick trip to the store four hours ago?
Mom instinct is to whip out the thermometer and yep. Fever.

We bought this little device awhile ago but this is the first time we've gotten to use it.
It's a plug-in vaporizer/night light by Pediacare.

We put it in our living room today and you really could smell the vapors.
It doesn't produce the steam like a regular vaporizer but it has a Mentholated strip that you put in and the scent goes everywhere.
I like it! :)

Chinese New Year comes at the end of this month.
The girls and I did a little decorating.

Can anyone guess which animal this is going to be the year of? ;-)
We watched the Patriots/Broncos play-offs this past weekend.
It was really not an exciting game which was disappointing.
I think the highlights for me were watching a white horse charge out onto the field, watching Peyton Manning's epic ball juggling at the start of the game (Vivi laughed hysterically the first time and at every replay too, lol), and seeing Tom Brady make his own touch-down.
I missed the 49ers/Seahawks game since I don't get that channel, but of course it has been pretty well covered in the media.

Hopefully it will turn out to be a good Super Bowl. :)

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