Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rainbow kayaks

Vivian was doing a craft project yesterday.
She's been working on her scissor skills.

Then she asked me "Mom, what color are kayaks?"

"Oh, they can be any color, Dear.
Whatever color people want, really."

"Like blue or pink?"

"Are there Rainbow Kayaks?"
"I'm sure somewhere there are Rainbow Kayaks"

She showed me her finished project.
Her Rainbow "Kayak"

Then I had to explain the difference between "kayaks" and a "yak".

My Princess, dressed as "Belle", studying through the microscope. :)

I love her microscope face! lol
As for their cold, Vivi is doing much better.
I bought them some Vitamin C to hopefully boost their immunity.
Shi still has her same-old cough. The month long cough. :(
She's on day 7 of her antibiotics and I was really hopeful the cough would be gone or lessening.
I'm running the vaporizer each night and trying to have her drink a lot of fluids, and also keeping her out of this awful cold weather.
At least she is in good spirits and finally they are both sleeping well.

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