Friday, February 28, 2014


Sunshine is a precious commodity in the winter and is pounced upon in our household.
Katie the turtle is a total sunbather...stretching her toes to soak in the rays.

The girls love to get some Vitamin D too. :)

Our robo, Rory, passed away on Sunday.
She was three so she had a good long life for a hamster.
I took this picture just a week or two ago.
The girls took it well though Vivian has a hard time understanding the whole concept of death.
We're jumping at sounds now because they sound like noises that she would make and of course, it's not her.
Vivian has yelled at me twice for flattening boxes to put into the recycling.
"Wait Mom! Rory would love that box!"
I have her bin in the same spot because it's just easier and I think we'll be filling it again soon.
After all what a waste to just throw away all these toilet paper tubes and tissues boxes...especially when you know what an amusement park they become for a little hamster. :)

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How many more weeks of winter?

This winter has certainly been snow-filled!
DH made a big pile from the snow off the driveway and we've had a great sledding hill.

We busted through two sleds so I think that's evidence enough that we thoroughly enjoyed our winter.
But we're a bit ready for Spring now. :)
DH bought us flowers for Valentine's Day.
I took a few of the daisies out and we finally got a chance to do our food coloring in the flower water experiment! :)
The color started coming through so quickly too.

Last week I took the girls to see the Lego 3D.

The girls love their 3D glasses. ;-)
I would say it's definitely a kids movie, and I'm sure the dude who sat behind me and snored through the entire movie agrees. lol
But it really was good. :)

Afterwards I took the girls shopping because Vivian needed new slippers.
It took her forever to decide!
And then after she had chosen a pair and we were walking around the store, she asked me to take her back so she could look at the other selections again.
Then she had to poll me and Shiloh to see which pair we liked.
Wow, if she's like this at age five. I'm in trouble...
She's just like...just like..Me!

It was nice to have a couple of warm days but it really was too sudden for the area after all the snow and ice.
I was driving around and there were so many flooded areas and the Super Walmart was a wreck!
They have skylights in their grocery department and nearly every one was leaking and so they had to cover some of the food with tarps and even had one aisle blocked off and they were working on relocating the food.
Definitely did not make you feel very safe walking through there...or really buying much food from there. :-P

But it was really nice being able to open up our front porch again. 
The girls love to play out there or even bring their books out and do their schoolwork in there.
Soon enough we'll be able to open it up more often. :)
Counting down to Spring!

Friday, February 07, 2014


Yesterday was a long day.
It started when we woke up and it was still dark outside.
This is nature's way of telling you to go back to sleep. 

But we had an early dentist appointment for Shiloh that was an hour away, and a driveway filled with mounds of snow from previous day's snowstorm.
DH turned on the coffeepot and went out to run the snowblower.
I got the girls up and dressed and ready.
DH comes in. Snowblower won't work. 

He goes back out to shovel the driveway and at least clear away the worst of where the plows piled it up at the end of the driveway.
I fed the girls, but it was so early no one was really hungry.
Shi ate a muffin and Vivi had some toast.
It was a lot of snow!

DH came back in and quickly grabbed some breakfast and a cup of coffee before we ran out the door.
We're driving along and right away Vivi says that her belly hurts, this a common complaint, so I turn the heat down and DH gives her a sip of water and we have her take her hat off.
Usually that's enough but she mentioned it a couple more times, so I turned on the cold air for her and gave her a little piece of gum.
I was just about to ask DH to give her a plastic bag just in case, when she throws up all over herself.

I'm on a four-lane, traffic-filled, slushy soupy road...and it's still not very bright out.
There's no pulling over.
So DH climbs into the back and uses most of my baggie of wipes to clean her off.
We have to turn off the air completely because it's blowing the smell around...which then makes my windshield fog over.
Fun times!

We make a plan for me to drop DH and Vivian off at a nearby Target so they can clean up and shop a little while I take Shi on to her Dentist appointment.
I pull into the Target and they are still closed. (THAT's how early it was!)
They won't open for another 15 minutes, which would leave me with 10 minutes to get Shi to her appointment....which is approximately 20 minutes away with the heavy traffic.

So onward to the appointment we all go.
I get Shi all signed in, rush Vivi to the bathroom to clean her up the best I can, and they call us right back for Shi's appointment.

Shiloh is there to have her adult molars sealed which protects them against getting cavities, apparently for the rest of her life which is pretty awesome. I think DH might want to ask his Dentist to do it for him!
Shi was fidgety and I know she's nervous so I opted for the laughing gas.
The Dentist (who was new but very nice) says it won't hurt and it will also help with her gag reflex.
Yeah, I had enough of gag reflexes for this day...bring on the gas!
I'm glad I did too because they had this flexible plastic piece that they had to put into her mouth and it was huge!
Poor kid!
She's tapping her legs and in a soft voice keeps going "Help Meeee!"
I'm not sure that laughing gas and Shiloh are a good mix though.
She was jittery and hyper but with even less coordination than usual, at least it wore off quickly.

Vivian was feeling better though still pretty pale, but her coat was still a little smelly and damp from being washed up in the sink so DH gave her his coat, while he walked around in his shirt sleeves in -8 degree windchills!
Thankfully he's hot blooded...and a good Daddy. :)

She looked too cute. 

Her carseat was a mess though. The straps, the buckle, and later I found that it even went through the slots in the carseat to puddle on the seat of the truck.
So thankful that I always keep a blanket under their carseats so it didn't actually get on the truck at all.
The fact that you can't wash carseat straps and can only wipe them clean is just ridiculous.
If the straps have to be like that, then they need to supply an extra set!
She was going to be reaching the weight limit on her car seat soon anyways so we decided to just buy her a new one while we were at Target instead of messing around struggling to clean her seat up.
We were able to find her a really nice seat that wasn't too expensive. It's really comfortable too, once we got it assembled she wanted to sit in it to watch TV. :)

Assembling it was a pain though. I'm glad I waited until we got home to put it together.
You had to jam the headrest into the back "firmly and quickly".
It was made to be permanently in...once you got it in.
I tried and tried and I could not slam that headrest in. I even sat on it and it wouldn't slide in!
After accidentally smashing it down on my foot, I decided to call DH for help and in a couple tries he had it in and soon the whole thing was together and it didn't take long to set up in the car either.

I had to give the girls a bath right away, but we still ended up with time to play outside for a bit before dinner.
There is a lot of snow so they were quite happy and excited and DH and I were happy that the snowblower turned out to be a fairly simple fix.
Definitely all slept well and early last night!

Vivi feels fine today and Shi has no discomfort from her dental work so today is looking up! :)