Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How many more weeks of winter?

This winter has certainly been snow-filled!
DH made a big pile from the snow off the driveway and we've had a great sledding hill.

We busted through two sleds so I think that's evidence enough that we thoroughly enjoyed our winter.
But we're a bit ready for Spring now. :)
DH bought us flowers for Valentine's Day.
I took a few of the daisies out and we finally got a chance to do our food coloring in the flower water experiment! :)
The color started coming through so quickly too.

Last week I took the girls to see the Lego Movie...in 3D.

The girls love their 3D glasses. ;-)
I would say it's definitely a kids movie, and I'm sure the dude who sat behind me and snored through the entire movie agrees. lol
But it really was good. :)

Afterwards I took the girls shopping because Vivian needed new slippers.
It took her forever to decide!
And then after she had chosen a pair and we were walking around the store, she asked me to take her back so she could look at the other selections again.
Then she had to poll me and Shiloh to see which pair we liked.
Wow, if she's like this at age five. I'm in trouble...
She's just like...just like..Me!

It was nice to have a couple of warm days but it really was too sudden for the area after all the snow and ice.
I was driving around and there were so many flooded areas and the Super Walmart was a wreck!
They have skylights in their grocery department and nearly every one was leaking and so they had to cover some of the food with tarps and even had one aisle blocked off and they were working on relocating the food.
Definitely did not make you feel very safe walking through there...or really buying much food from there. :-P

But it was really nice being able to open up our front porch again. 
The girls love to play out there or even bring their books out and do their schoolwork in there.
Soon enough we'll be able to open it up more often. :)
Counting down to Spring!

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