Friday, February 28, 2014


Sunshine is a precious commodity in the winter and is pounced upon in our household.
Katie the turtle is a total sunbather...stretching her toes to soak in the rays.

The girls love to get some Vitamin D too. :)

Our robo, Rory, passed away on Sunday.
She was three so she had a good long life for a hamster.
I took this picture just a week or two ago.
The girls took it well though Vivian has a hard time understanding the whole concept of death.
We're jumping at sounds now because they sound like noises that she would make and of course, it's not her.
Vivian has yelled at me twice for flattening boxes to put into the recycling.
"Wait Mom! Rory would love that box!"
I have her bin in the same spot because it's just easier and I think we'll be filling it again soon.
After all what a waste to just throw away all these toilet paper tubes and tissues boxes...especially when you know what an amusement park they become for a little hamster. :)

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