Friday, March 28, 2014

Vaccines and Cellulitis and Silverado

I took the girls in for their well-child checks this week.
They both checked out well, but then Vivian needed her 5 yr. old vaccines.
She's been nervous about the shots, which is the main reason I've put them off this long...I mean, she'll be six in a few months.

She did good with getting her shots, but then as soon as the nurse left, Vivian turned white and said her stomach hurt.
I brought her to the sink and wiped her face and neck down with a damp paper towel and she perked up a little bit.
Then they came back and said they needed to draw some blood!

But she made it through that okay.
We decided to go right home instead of shopping and soon she was sobbing over Shiloh "looking" at her.
I took her temp and she was running a low-grade fever, but some Motrin perked her right up.

Then she was fine until late Thursday when her one injection site started swelling and itching.
I gave her Benadry but this morning the area was swollen to the diameter of an orange, hot, sore, and I called the Doctor's and they wanted to see her.

Diagnosis: Infection/Cellulitis. :(
She's now on antibiotics but her leg is driving her nuts!
Poor kiddo!
She's calling it her fat leg and the itching and soreness are really bothering her.
Which is why it is now more than three hours past her bedtime and she's still awake. :(
(Which guarantees that tomorrow will be fun.)

I was watching the old western movie "Silverado" when she came to sit next to me.
I pointed out that we were watching "Tyree" the bad guy.
"No, Tyree."
"Diarrhea of the Wimpy kid?"
"No, his name is Ty-ree."
"Yeah, cause Diarrhea of a Wimpy kid is Shiloh's book and not this movie.
Why are you talking about Diarrhea of the wimpy kid anyways?"

"Well, see this guy here? That is Jake. That was Uncle Jon's favorite guy.
"Jake and the Neverland Pirates?"
"No, this Jake."
"Oh the guy in this movie?"
"His name is Jake and the Neverland Pirates?"
"Well, you said his name was Jake and the Neverland Pirates..."
"Okay, let's find something else to watch now."