Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Snow and Elsa

The girls have been sick with bad colds.
My counter looks like a pharmacy of cold and cough syrups, tissues, Vicks, and vaporizers. :-P
I had to run to the store for more tissues and Starlight mints for their sore throats, and minty ice cream for the same reason.
We had to get some cookies too, of course! After all I'm sure double fudge is a known immunity booster!

I got on my laptop before I left to check the weather, look for coupons, check my email etc.
And what did I see in my mailbox but a notice that Robo hamsters were on sale.

Le sigh.

I'll just look, see what they have.

And I'll just bring my little pet travel carrier...just in case.

We get to Petsmart and we do our usual circuit.
Visit the rescue cats, then watch the dog grooming...if we're lucky enough to see any.
Then on to reptiles, birds, fish and finally the pocket pets.

I look in the Robo case, they only carry males, and I can see one brown one running around and one more in the little plastic igloo they have in there for them to sleep in.
Two is all I need, so I call the assistant over and she takes the case down, lifts the igloo and little baby hamsters go scurrying everywhere. Lots of them!

Right away we notice this little guy. A white hamster!
Too cute! And I've never seen a white Robo in the stores before.
Shiloh claims him and promptly names him "Snow" short for "Snow White".
I call him "Snowball" or when he's being feisty "President Snow". Yes, I'm in the midst of reading the Hunger Games books...just a few years behind the trend.
Shi keeps correcting me though, it's Snow White.

Then from out from the pile of slowly-waking brown hamsters, another little white face pops up!
A totally white Robo. Vivian wants that one!
He likes his sleep, a little fatter  fluffier than Snow. A bit slower and calmer, and terrible at running on the Silent Saucer. He can barely stay on there for 15 seconds without losing his footing and flying around it for several rotations or being flung out most-unceremoniously on his back.
After much thought, Vivian finally named him "Elsa" from the movie "Frozen".
She didn't like any of my suggestions of "boy" names, but actually "Elsa" fits. :)

I need to buy more bedding materials now (I didn't realize that I didn't have much left from Rory) and maybe another Silent Spinner...they both keeping crowding into this one and it's already beat-up, a larger size one will fit both of them better.
Since they are from the same litter they are supposed to get along, if they are never separated.
I also read-up on a few other tricks to help them cohabitate peacefully such as having double of most things (this helps with kids too) and no food dish. 
Apparently they might fight over food at the dish so it's preferrable to scatter the food around for them to find like a scavenger hunt.
Ah, makes it easier for me. No dish to clean. :)
So far having two in the same bin is not really any harder than having one in the bin. They don't seem to make any more mess or smell.

They make me miss Rory though, which I didn't expect.
Little things like the way she always woke up and came out when I opened her bin (probably just looking to see what treat I put in her dish) while these babies just snuggle back down to sleep.

But they are much less jumpy than she was at being touched and petted, which is really nice as they are so extremely soft. They feel like tiny, tiny, rabbits. :)

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