Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Dressing Room

I took the girls shopping to get them some new clothes for Spring.
Now since it took Vivian nearly an hour just to choose a pair of slippers this winter, I knew it might take awhile. I was right.

First they chose some skirts, Vivian had just two pairs that she couldn't decide between.
Shiloh had a bunch more because I wasn't sure if 6X or 7's would fit her better so I grabbed both sizes of a several types for her to try on.
Then on to shirts...this took forever. Maybe we were there overnight, I'm not sure.
We ended up with quite a cart full, because even if Vivian had rejected a shirt she would change her mind if Shiloh decided that *she* wanted to try on the same style shirt.

So we finally headed to the dressing room and passed by the pajamas.
Pajamas with little matching pajamas for their dolls, and not just pajamas but much-adored nightgowns....and they were marked 50% off!
We can't pass by that so I tell the girls that they can each choose one.
The agony of decisions.
I finally removed all of the options that included pants, (because the girls will be too hot in those) and all of the ones that were sleeveless (for the opposite reason).
That left them with about six choices.
Still a hard decision, but they finally made their choices and we hurried past any more distractions to the dressing room.

All three of us crowd into the tiny room with our pile of clothes.
The girls were quite excited for their first dressing room experience, usually they've just come in with me while I'm trying on clothes, I've never had them try on clothes before.
Quite excited equals quite loud and giggly. :)
I rather hope those dressing rooms are more sound-proof than they seem!
If not, then the other patrons heard a lot of this...
Vivian: "Ooh, I never tried clothes on before! I am SO excited! Are you excited, Shiloh?

Shiloh: "YES! yes!" (probably accompanied by bouncing)

Me: "C'mon girls, take off your clothes so you can try on these skirts. Boots come off first!"

Vivian: "Oh, I like this skirt! Do you like this skirt, Shiloh? I like this skirt"

Me: "Okay, lets try on the next one, Viv."

Shiloh: "MMmm! My armpit smells nice!"

Vivian: "Let me smell! Let me smell! Mmm, Mama smell Shiloh's armpit!"

Me: "Uh, no thank you."

Shiloh: "This skirt is too scratchy and when I move like this, I think it's going to fall off."

Me: "Yeah, we might have to stick with the 6's instead of size 7."

Vivian: "Can I have a cookie?"

Me: "Not in the dressing room, Dear. Is that skirt going to fall off?"

Shiloh: "This skirt has shorts underneath so when I ride my bike, no one can see my panties! Can you see your panties, Vivi?"

Vivian: "I am trying my pajamas on now, Shiloh. This one is not long enough, Mom. I want it to be longer."

Me: (looking at the tag) "Well, we can get it in size 7. It will be a bit big but it will be longer and I think it will fit okay."
"Shiloh, do you like that shirt?"

Shiloh: "I don't like that you can see my shoulders, I want a shirt like Vivian has on with the puffy sleeves."

Me: (digging through the cart) "I have that same shirt that Vivi has on, in a size 7. Try it on."

Vivian: "Ooh, Shiloh! We look like sisters!"

We finally make our way out of the dressing room and put back the clothes that we decided against.
I exchange Vivian's nightgown for a larger size, and now thinking about it I think I was going to go down a size on her shirt but I forgot.
I guess we'll see how it fits in the Summer!
She chose a sleeveless top so I might need to put a stitch in the straps to keep them on her shoulders.
Ah, that's why I keep my sewing box handy anyways. :)

I was telling DH about our shopping experience, and he was pretty glad he missed the hours of decisions and waiting while they tried on everything.
I guess it truly is a girl thing. :)

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doo said...

LOL....come on now! No adventure in you....not smelling shiloh's armpit!
hahahahaha Love it!!!!