Monday, April 28, 2014

TV Glasses

Just when you think she can't get any cuter...
(with a photo bomb courtesy of Vivian, lol)

She does it!

Shiloh had her first eye exam earlier this month.
I was a little anxious because she is bouncy ( I call her Tigger all the time!) and just generally it's really hard for her to sit still and the last time I saw the Optometrist there he was a rather crabby older guy.
But thankfully the Doctor who saw her was a young man who was great with kids.
I had explained everything to Shi as much as I could so she knew what to expect and the Doctor was great about explaining each device that he was using.
She was so tiny in the chair that he had a hard time positioning the slit lamp so he could see her eyes and it was squishing her legs a bit.
When he was done he chatted with me a bit and then asked Shiloh if she had any questions for him.
She said "Yes. When can I get out of this chair?" lol

She has nice healthy eyes. (yay!)
She can use some help reading words that are far away, like the closed-captioning on the television so she calls these her TV glasses.
She mostly just wears them when she's watching television or playing video games.
Looking stylish while we fight those Lego bad guys...that's how we roll. ;-)

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