Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Gardening and Mad libs

We started working on our garden. I was putting in the rows while the girls helped me.
(Which mostly consisted of them finding worms)
Then they sat on the deck with popsicles and shouted "Good job, Mom! You're almost done, Mom!" at me. lol

I still have a lot more planting to do but the first few plants didn't make it so I'm waiting for some milder weather before I put anything else out.

Vivian lost her first two teeth.

Awful cute, but it's not helping her lisp at all. ;-)
She actually woke up sometime early this morning, got all dressed, then climbed back into bed and fell asleep again.
Shiloh and DH kept asking me if she was okay.
I let her sleep in (she overslept) and she said she woke up and got dressed but her eyes were very tired and wouldn't stay awake so she went back to bed.
I think her clock was off a little today. (She was a bear yesterday so she likely needed the extra sleep!)

The girls have their own set of little cars that we keep out the garage. But they always make me draw some roads with chalk before they can play.
This last time they wanted houses and driveways for each of their cars.

AND a hospital (with a helicopter landing pad!), fire station, police station. Wal-Mart, Target, a park , a mall...and a mansion for the Mayor.

The girls each have a dry-erase board that I put some work on each day.
They need to write the date down and then I add some problems or a game for them to work on.
Vivian loves the addition cubes, so she asked for me to put some on her board today. :)
I was explaining to Shiloh about Mad Lib games since she's learning about nouns and adjectives...and not too happy about it.
Vivian thought it sounded like fun so we did a Mad Lib on her board today. :)

Roses are Red, Couches are Blue

We sold our couch and love seat recently and I realized it's very hard to put a value on things when you're a Mom.
We had our living room set for quite awhile.
But it's not the wear of the fabric or how sturdy the legs were that came to my mind when trying to price it.
It's the fact that both girls pulled themselves to standing on those couches - priceless.
Proud little baby smiles when they first managed to climb onto the couch by themselves -
Nursing both of my babies there - priceless.
Endless baby, toddler, child naps taken - priceless.
Forts built with the cushions - priceless.
My husband had to bring me down to earth. :)
Couches are couches and memories are memories...got to separate the two!
He thought we would probably end up needing to have the old set hauled away but I did find a buyer and managed to sell the set rather quickly, which was unexpected and then we were stuck sitting on blankets on the floor.
Time to go shopping!
Or rather time for ME to go shopping!

The story of our first living room set is that we didn't even have our first house yet.
I had recently started working a new job for a CPA, and my husband called me one day at work and said
"Would you be upset if I bought couch and love seat without you?"
I said "YES!"
He said "Oh, 'cause I bought them today."

Me: "Really?!?! Well, I guess as long as you didn't buy white ones it will be okay."
Dead Silence.

Then "Well, they're not really white....more of an off-white."
A few sets of couch covers later and here we are. 

So this new couch selection meant I got more of a say. Much more.
DH did input that he wanted a chaise on one side (which I liked as well) and solid legs.
I was leaning toward getting a blue or bluish-gray couch and the store happened to have one that fit all our requirements.

When I went to talk to the sales lady she mentioned that they had the same exact couch in clearance.
Even the same color!
Someone had ordered it and then decided that they wanted it in a different color.
The couch I want, the color I want,...on clearance. Yes, please!
When I went to set up delivery I mentioned that we were currently without living room furniture and sitting on the floor.
Normally I would have had to wait three days for the delivery, but they managed to get it to me later that same day!
Unbelievable, but awesome! :)

I was wondering if the couch would be too small but it really fits in nice....and actually barely through our door!