Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Sisters

Sometimes it's awesome to be a big sister.

This afternoon I heard, what sounded like, the girls playing with the bathroom door so I went to investigate.
Shiloh was instructing Vivian "Now you say "O-cahpeed" if you are going in there."
Vivian -"What do I say?"
Shiloh - "Are you going in there? I'll let you go in first, you just have to say O-cahpi. okay?"
Vivian - "Okay"
She pokes her head out of the bathroom door and says "O-cahpi!" 
She shuts the door.
I walk over to Shiloh, not understanding.
"Are you guys speaking your own language, now?" (It wouldn't be the first time)
Shiloh- "I'm in line to go to the bathroom."
"Oh, okay"
Shiloh- "You can get in line too."
"Um. okay...."
A few minutes later Vivian pops her head out of the bathroom. "I'm done now Shiloh. What do I say now?"
Shiloh- "Now you say UN-Ocahpeed"
Vivian - Oh, UN-Ocahpi"
She walks out of the bathroom and Shiloh walks in and pops her head out of the door and says "O-cahpi!"
She shuts the door and it hits me.
She is trying to say (she must have read it so she didn't know the pronunciation) and teach her sister
"Occupied and Unoccupied" :-D

Later on Shiloh was playing the piano, and she was playing all of the songs that she knew.
Then she announced, several times, that when she was done playing....she would be available for autographs.
Vivian grabbed a sheet of paper and drew a picture, and wrote "Yay Shiloh!" around it...and made sure there was a box for Shiloh's signature.
Sooo precious! :)

I made homemade mini pot pies for dinner...for the first time.
But I didn't know that it would take so long for them to cool.
I baked them in little ramekins and boy, do those hold in the heat!
I finally gave them to the girls but told them to be careful and eat the veggies on the plate first to give the pot pies more time to cool.

I have never seen a 6 year old nail dead-panning and sarcasm like Vivian.
She finished her veggies and then held her spoon, rotating it like a rotisserie over the steam coming from her pot pie.
"Hmm, just what every kid wants. To roast their spoon."

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