Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Vivian took awhile to warm up to reading and writing but now she loves writing stories.
(Often on a dry-erase board though, so I have to take pictures to preserve them!) 

She thinks that she is an expert at rhyming too.
She's often heard going "Orange-Porange, Dresser-Bresser, Truck-Cruck, Street-Preet, Kiwi-Tiwi"...and so on.
Then she crows "I am soo good at Rhyming!" ;-D

Despite an invasion of Japanese beetles, the garden still seems to be doing okay...maybe even flourishing.
Vivian is honestly eating the blueberries as fast as we can pick them though. So three bushes supplies just her and I think we might need to buy a couple more for the rest of the family... 
We only had one of our new raspberry bushes survive the winter so we're only getting a few berries at a time. That bush has horribly sharp prickers though, it's drawn blood from me many times already!
Hopefully it produces more next year because the loss of blood is not balancing well with the amount of fruit gleaned!

We're having an unusually good crop of green beans. This is our second harvesting of them...I had a surprising amount of the plants actually survive the seedling stage and it might be due to the fact that I bought more expensive seeds this time. Hmmm...

The girls go through the green beans almost as quickly as the blueberries.
They love them covered with butter and Parmesan cheese. :)

We also have one zucchini that's ready for picking..but I want it just a little bigger. ;-)
Gardening is easier with little helpers.
We leave an area that is just dirt so they can play with their cars or dig, plant things and make ant hills.
But they also help with the watering and harvesting and finding beetles so that I can pick them off.

And of course, as I mentioned before...they help with the eating!

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