Wednesday, July 30, 2014

It's Summer time, Summer time...

It has been a busy Summer so far. Summer is always like that...goes by in a blink!
The girls have had tons of fun at the Library this year.
Our Librarian ladies are awesome, they know the girls by name and have so much patience with all of the children. :)

The girls' latest craft time was soap making, this is one of their favorites.
They did it a couple of years ago and still play with the little rubber snakes they had in their soap.
This year we went from snakes to a frog (Vivian's) and a stingray (Shiloh's)

I'm not sure why they bypassed the cute little lamb or the otter wearing a little vest but yeah...they always do.
At least we end up with a nice balance of toys in our house, it could be easily over-whelmed in pink but they have dragons and knights, RC trucks, train tracks...and now, frogs and stingrays. ;-)

My counter is covered in library crafts!
They offer a simple craft each week, besides the programs/crafts that require registration.

We have paper plate spider webs, UFO's, rocket ships...and on and on.
The girls made a marshmallow launcher on Monday.
Shiloh launched one marshmallow, and then when I told her she couldn't eat that one...(because it landed in a houseplant!) she decided to eat the rest of her marshmallows instead of launching them.
Vivian asked me to write a "V" on her bag and then just set it aside, not even trying to launch one.

When DH came home from work, I showed him her marshmallows and launchers and the girls freshly-made soaps. He said "Which ones are Vivian's?"
I pointed them out and he quickly stashed her soap and marshmallows on top of the microwave. "I want to tease her in the morning and see what is her reaction."
<> What is it with Dads?!?!?! 

In the morning he told her "Vivian, your soap was so nice. I used it last night."
Vivian: "But you don't even use soap!"
DH continued "And I was sooo hungry last night that I ate all of your marshmallows."
Vivian: "But Mama always makes you food, didn't you eat your food?"
DH: "I was still hungry."
DH: "Is it okay that I used your soap and ate all your marshmallows?"
Vivian: yes..."


I started getting things ready for the new school year.
I've mailed in all my paperwork to the school but I am still waiting for their response.
It could take awhile since our whole school system is in upheaval.
They've started a new system that would make both of the girls have to go to totally different school buildings, on opposite sides of the city this year...*IF* they went to public school.

So very thankful to be able to Homeschool them!! <3 br="">
Shiloh needed a new Number Places chart. She has not needed her old chart in awhile and it's already being used by Vivian now. But Shi did need the bigger chart this year as the million's places are confusing her.
 We've gotten a lot of use out of our simple chart over the years!
Number charts
There are a few school supplies that I need to pick-up...a package of pencils, good-name glue sticks, and those big thick erasers. But I went a bit overboard last year so we still have a good-stock of other things.

A sheaf of strange yellowish-brown paper that was on clearance for $0.60
Yep, got that.

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