Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mama's famous Glitter Pie

The girls have been very fortunate to get into several library programs over the Summer.
Usually the space is very limited and they can only go to a couple.
So far they have been able to spend an afternoon doing Shrinky Dinks.
(those are always fun)
And another afternoon doing "Icy Art" which is basically watercolors, crayons, and salt.

Too messy though, every time I move a picture, salt drops everywhere.
, I already had to pick glitter out of my pie dough so I'm not feeling a lot of patience for messy crafts theses days...

The library program has been a lot of fun this year. The girls especially love to do the "Feel in the box" and then checking off what they find. Vivian has a hard time finding everything in the box....and Shi has a hard time not getting her fingers/hand stuck inside whatever she finds in the box, but they both really enjoy that part of their library visit anyways. ;-)

Have you seen the "Share a Coke" bottles yet?
I found one to share with Katie, but she was not in the mood to look at the camera.

And then Rainbow was in a mood because I didn't have a bottle for him. lol
(Look at that frown!)

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