Saturday, August 02, 2014

Well, that's trippy

I hurt my toe....yet again, I have injured some part of my feet.
At this point I should know better. Either wear some type of foot protection or just don't walk.
Maybe I could find someone to carry me around when I want to be barefoot.
Yeah, that could happen.

Anyways, I *was* wearing socks...which possibly aided in my slipping off of the step that I was "attempting" to climb.
It bent my big toe. Lots of pain.
I thought (briefly) that I might have to go to the Dr. if I had broken my toe...but how would someone break their toe that way, really?
Anyways, once I saw that my legs needed to be shaved before I could go to the Dr., which would involve climbing the whole flight of stairs that I just slipped off the first step of...well, the Dr. idea flew out the window.

Eventually the pain subsided and I could wiggle my toe so I figured it was okay.
This morning it looked fine but just felt sore, but after cramming it into sneakers and shopping all toe has a lovely purple-pink bruise covering the top of it.

I'm thinking of pairing it with a deep plum nail polish, maybe I'll even add glitter.

Seriously, I would not have survived long in a time without shoes.
I would have been named "She-who-steps-in-bear-trap"...or something.
Sad ballads would have been sung about me wearing water moccasins on my feet.
Tripping over a turtle.
Stepping on some poisonous slug.
Kicking a hedgehog.
The possibilities are endless.

I think I should invest in steel-toed shoes...while I still have toes left to protect.