Friday, October 10, 2014

Here or there

Four hour of driving....
Two long flights....

And we're here.
All in all, things went smoothly.
The food on the flights wasn't great, and quite small portions also.
Definitely not what we've experienced before on our trips.
Shi slept through one meal...seriously it was served around 11:30pm our time so it wasn't unexpected.
But *was* unexpected was that we couldn't get a sandwich for her when she did wake up.
Just a cup 'o noodle.
Ugh. so full of salt...not the best thing to eat while flying.
DH and most every man on the flight got noodles also since they were still hungry.

Vivian always has a shy, nervous bladder so I wasn't sure what to expect with her.
She didn't manage to use the plane bathroom, despite at least three attempts, but she did use the noisy airport restroom so that was actually a big step for her. 

Our connection was in Hong Kong airport but thankfully there was no sign of the riots or even increased security presence there so that was more calming.

The picture above is my view from this bedroom in my BIL's apartment.
Buildings as far as the eye can see.
We're woken each day by the sounds of diesel trucks, and some annoying squawking bird....must be part rooster since it always starts at the crack of dawn.
At least I am hoping it's a bird.
Could be a monkey.
I saw monkey warning signs in the nearby park.
Makes me regret watching Congo...and any other monkey movie ever made.

We are also near a school which plays music several times a day.
Very noisy.

Anyways I am finally online BUT the electricity is not our standard 120volt.
So even though we have converters to charge our devices...they charge extremely slow.

We bought apple juice at the local store.
It doesn't taste like apple juice, way too sweet.
I had to read the ingredients because I couldn't figure out why apple juice...doesn't taste like apple juice!
They *add* cane sugar to their juice here.
But if you do buy juice from an actual juice vendor...they give you concoctions like apple/orange juice and apple/watermelon and it is just that.
An apple and an orange ground up and the juice poured in your cup.
Pretty tasty. Shi is a fan of that one.
Vivian likes the carrot juice...which comes in a can and has orange and other juices mixed in.

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