Saturday, October 18, 2014

I love you enough to eat your cabbage

In Asia, it is common for everyone to receive a bowl of rice.
Then in the center of the table there are usually a minimum of three dishes, which are meant to put on top of the rice.

The other day those choices were a cauliflower/carrot mixture...which had been sauteed in an oil, then a cabbage/bean sprout mixture, and I don't remember the 3rd option.
Anyways, the girls dishes were piled up with this oily cabbage and cauliflower and I immediately knew this was not going to be good for their stomachs.
So I did what I had to, I scooped most of their cabbage and cauliflower onto my dish and told them to just eat the rice.

Then guess who had the stomachache? :-S

But then they got to sleep so sweetly, so how could I do anything else? ;-)
This is a photo of them helping DH's Mom with preparing the bean sprouts for dinner.
The same prep as we did all Summer for our green beans so the girls were Pros. :)

I found this List of  Local Foods in Singapore.
I have eaten quite possibly everything on the list over the years, and here are some of my thoughts on some of the dishes.

#2 Wanton Mee is very common. We usually eat this several times per visit.
It's quite good.

#3 Fried Carrot Cake - DH's Mom makes this. I was so disappointed the first time they told me we were having carrot cake and I was anticipating a sweet carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.
Needless to say this has rather dimmed my appeal to the Singapore version.

#5 Kaya Toast- Very common breakfast though we've only ever had it at a restaurant...never at home.
I actually just bought some Coconut Kaya to bring home and have on toast there.
It's a nice simple breakfast...but I find it not too filling.

#12 Satay - One of Shi's favorite dishes. We often eat this back home too as DH makes it for Shi often in the Summer when we can grill. We don't do the peanut dip at home though as the girls won't eat it.

#14 Tau Huay - Popular dessert. I'm not a fan. Just too much tofu, since it's tofu.
Basically tastes like tofu and honey.

#15 Ice Kachang - I am a fan of this! :)

#16 Chwee Kway - pretty good, You usually only get a couple when it's order for a group, so it's more like a side dish. It's a bit oily so I wouldn't eat more than that anyways.

#17 Durian - Ugh. The smell. If I plug my nose and eat it...I can tolerate it.
Then you smell your breath and wish you hadn't unplugged your nose.
It reeks...tons of places around here reek of it. Even famous Andrew Zimmerman (Bizarre Foods) couldn't stand it. If that tells you anything.
The guy eats bugs.

#20 Mee Siam - I can't eat very much of this. Too spicy and oily.

#22 Roti Prata - Very good! The girls like it, I like it. It's served with a spicy curry which doesn't seem to go with it to me. I like it sprinkled with sugar....tastes like a thin fried dough then. Yum!
I'd be interested in seeing if I could make this at home. :)

#24 Rojak - It stinks! It's tastes okay. But it stinks. If it's offered to me, I turn it down.
If it's put on my plate, I will eat it.
Fermented sauce just stinks...especially in the heat.

#25 Chicken Rice - Very common, We've already eaten this at least a handful of times this visit alone.
I peel off the skin since I hate eating skin. The people here look at me weird...then they eat the skin I peeled off. Ew!

BTW: We had pizza for a late lunch today.
(Shiloh was bouncing around she was so excited for familiar food!! :-D )
Over $54 for 2 large pizzas, and tiny box of fried seafood.
American food is expensive here! (Though technically the restaurant is called "Canadian Pizza" which is mystifying because who ever heard of Canadian pizza? Aye?) ;-)

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