Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kinder Joy

 Kinder Joy is (reading from label) Crispy cocoa specialties on milky and cocoa-hazelnut creams plus a surprise. It's made by Ferrero Asia.

When you open the egg you have your treat on one side, a white spoon/spatula stuck to the other side and under the orange foil is your "surprise".
As you can see the candy and the toy are really separated, but I will admit that both of the girls toys were made of tiny pieces that I put together before I took the photo so I definitely would say it's not for kids of a young age.

Shiloh got these 3D glasses with 3D picture. They actually fit/stay really well on her!

Vivian's contained this little alien or ninja dude (?), whose little tuft of hair is supposed to serve as a paintbrush for the two little watercolor pictures that it came with.
How cute it that?!

Of the actual candy, Shiloh gobbled hers down but Vivian thought it was too sweet so she had to take a break before she could finish hers.

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