Thursday, October 23, 2014


We took DH's Mom out to the mall this week.
It was her first time out shopping since she broke her leg, (which happened just before we left to come here).
The Mall was insanely crowded due to "Deepavali" which is an Hindu/Indian and National Holiday here.
We ate at a fancy restaurant there.
These were our drinks. DH drank the barley water...because nobody else liked it, haha.
The girls and I drank the "Sour Plum Sprite" which was just Sprite with lemon slices and two sour plums dropped in.
It makes a sour/sweet combo.
On a different mall trip, we stopped at the Food Court and got a steamboat.
Shi was apprehensive about the flames on the table.
We also had some Korean food and found the girls really like that.
While waiting for DH, the girls and I saw this cute "Sushi Girl" outside of a Japanese restaurant so we had to take a picture.
Vivi wanted to hold her hand. :)

More toys from Kinder Joy eggs.
Vivi got a water squirter, and Shi got this little parrot figurine...he's supposed to be part of some space set that you can collect if you open the right eggs.
This time Vivi only ate half of her candy though and gave the rest to we're definitely in it for the toys now. :)
The chocolate reminds of Ferrero Roche, that Nutella flavor...which makes sense since the Eggs are made by Ferrero.

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